Been here before?

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They’ve tried this before haven’t they? The more I look into revisionist or alternative history the more I believe the victories we celebrate could be charades. Millions of people died at the hands of fascism,led by the figurehead,the poster boy Adolf Hitler. Now wether Hitler did or did not die is open to debate but one thing that didn’t die for sure was fascism. Germany was punished and the allies celebrated but what happened to the money men,the corporations who backed and funded the little man’s ideology? I find it difficult to believe that the fascist ideology just died out one day in Berlin. Operation paperclip shows us that U.S technological superiority was spearheaded by former Nazis at NASA but how far out into authority did they stretch? Fast forward to the present day and to me it just feels like the same sort of thing being pushed but without the poster boy or the figurehead. Vaccine passports, social credit systems,mass Internet sensorship which to me is the modern day book burning, cancel culture and all the other joys of a free democracy are strangely being accepted for some sort of greater good. Anybody who questions any of the measures is an idiot or worse,a conspiracy theorist. Anyone who dares to defend biology is a hateful transphobe. Anyone who dares to mention the J word is an anti semite. Today reached a new,worryingly familiar low as it was announced that a certain supermarket chain had made exempt/disabled customers wear a yellow badge,surely the coincidence wasn’t lost on at least one boss who may well have thought         “this might not be that good an idea”. But that to me is what the vaccine passport represents,the marking of the disobedient,the taming of the rebellious. I’ve always said that I’d wait as long I could to take the vaccine hoping that by the time they get round to me it might have been proven to be that dangerous or useless that I’d escape it but in the end,being a coward ill take it. I couldn’t agree more with the great leader Hayden Hewitt that I just couldn’t punish my partner and two kids on a matter of principal by refusing it,where that leads I don’t  know but the cats looking at me as if to say ” I’m chipped and its fine boss”


What do you think?

Written by Martin

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