Beyond Magenta – Synopsis of Recent Events

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This is an excellent thread into the controversy surrounding Beyond Magenta.

I was pleased to see my letter was included in the run down of events. Fair play to everyone who took action on this. Especially Philip Dwyer for making a complaint with An Garda Siochana and the person who submitted the book to the censorship board. Can you believe they passed it!?

I was disappointed to note the book had not been removed completely from the Library. The library executive I had been corresponding with seems to have rolled back on her original statement that the book was to be removed from the shelves entirely and now asserts that it will be moved to the adult section.

I have made further enquiries including the request for a list of the books in this particular category aimed at children. In my view they will all need to be reviewed to ensure they are appropriate since the Library Boards are failing to do so.

I will need some help going through all those books so I’m hoping for volunteers to read a report. I’ll keep you updated on Twitter.




What do you think?

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Yeah, book’s creepy. Author of the book’s creepy. Creeped out stuff. Keep up the good work. Kudos….

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