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Call to Action – Klete Keller Case vs. SwimSwam

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On December 16th, Olympian Gold Medal Swimmer Klete Keller will make another court appearance, regarding Jan. 6th criminal charges (plea-dealt down to one obstruction of Congress charge only). The website has an Editor-in-Chief, Braden Keith, who has reveled in allowing comment section radical leftwing activists to demonize Keller in a few past articles. December 16th will see Klete Keller’s information again posted, after his court appearance, to as a news article. The radical activists will again unfairly savage Keller. Make a note to look at the site on Thursday, DECEMBER 16th. When you see the Keller article on SwimSwam (should be later in the day, after his court appearance) MAKE A POINT TO CONFRONT/COUNTERPOINT THE RADICAL LEFT COMMENTERS ON SWIMSWAM.COM

Klete Keller deserves full defense and support by reasonable citizens, regardless of viewpoints on January 6th. He is being held to account, legally, for his actions.  However, he is being UNFAIRLY attacked and “banished/ostracized” by commenters who are not even a part of the swimming community (you all know how radical cancel-culturists act – they work across platforms). Here is a link to information on Klete Keller’s situation. Do as ye will:;


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Written by Cipher-This

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