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Can I talk about AltFeed?

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So here it is, my latest attempt to scratch an itch and do you know what? I’m rather happy with it. There’s a long way to go and much I’d like to see AltFeed achieve but I thought it might be nice to talk about what the site is ‘about’.

Firstly, and very importantly, this isn’t an “Alternative for…” we’ve seen too many alternatives to Twitter, to Facebook, to everything. Altfeed is a platform for resource, for collaboration, for hanging out. It’s not meant to be answer to other sites, but perhaps it could be an answer to something many of us seem to have issues with. Freedom.

Altfeed has rules (there’s a link at the bottom of the page and they’re in the forum), they’re pretty straightforward. Where you are also has rules, I think they call them laws, they’re you’re responsibility to adhere to and I suggest you do. Nobody wants a visit from plod because you accidentally broke a “non crime hate crime thought crime crime” or whatever it’s called now. Outside of that there is nothing else. And this is what matters. If your opinion is legal and within our rules nothing will compel us to remove it, absolutely nothing. I have no patience for “brigading” and cancel culture, for me, is nothing more than people so weak they cannot possibly consider or allow an opinion different to theirs having the ability to ruin the lives of others. I find it despicable and any reasonable, decent, person would too. I would rather see the site closed and forgotten than acquiesce to those people.

So what can you do on here? Well, the obvious is that you can share articles with your article delivered in a clean, clear fashion with the focus on your content. I really liked that so it had to go in. After that, a social media component, people should be able to talk, meet others, come together over ideas or differing ideas. Then there is collaboration, it was important to me that people could form groups, have control of them, and within those groups there would be tools to enable collaboration including mini group forums and group documents which can be edited by members putting together a knowledge base. A platform for creativity, a platform for sharing, a platform for thought. Man, I loved that idea so I put it together.

Will it succeed? I don’t know. I’ve already said once today it’s not failure that worries me, it’s not trying at all. I will do what I can to keep this platform online, the rest is up to whether you would like to use it. As for the future, time and funding allowing I would like to look into a crowdfunding component, a means of people generating revenue for their efforts (including merchandising perhaps?) and whatever else we all decide. I’d love to see the community grow to the point we can put together councils and whilst I will never promise a complete democracy I would genuinely love to see the community be more included in what happens and where the site goes.

So, sign up if you haven’t. Use what’s here. And let’s have a chat on the site.




What do you think?

Written by Hayden Hewitt

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This is the first online thing I have been excited about since….ever! Well done Hayden. I love your intentions. Now I am going to have a prowl and see how you set up your house.

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