Cancel culture blues.

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During a recent attack of lockdown boredom I rifled through the “classic tv” section of my absolutely legal streaming provider to pass the time and chill out. Deciding upon “Love thy neighbour” , settling down with a cuppa i lost myself in a bygone age of comedy and I must say quite enjoyed it. Watching it though I did say to the cat that it would never get made today and could you imagine the twitter bed wetters reaction to that? She just looked at me,licked her arse and then went about her business.  Now I in no way condone calling anyone “nig nog” or any other racial slur but it made me wonder,how was it acceptable back then? Why would a black man play the role if it was that earth shatteringly offensive? Maybe,just maybe he knew that it was a sitcom,people acting and playing roles.Maybe he didn’t care and just wanted to get paid, maybe it was just of its time  all the same, watching it made me cement my belief of how stupid people are who think like that but people have the right to formulate their own thoughts no matter how idiotic or repulsive. I watched with interest the other day as a top golfer missed a 5ft putt and then called himself a “faggott”. Oh justin,you really didn’t think that one through did you? Forced to make a grovelling apology before the TV cameras and promptly dropped by at least one top level sponsor,all for calling himself a name. Now I’m not saying that language of that kind should be broadcast constantly but how does hearing that word cause such a melt down to the mostly straight people complaining? At what point does this end? The problem i have is that once you drive something underground you loose sight of it, it doesn’t stop growing but it might make you a bit more comfortable not having to deal with it. Imagine if they had just silenced Nick Griffin instead of putting him on question time to prove undoubtedly what a grade A fuckwit he actually was. Dont cancel people it’ll come back to bite you in the end.


What do you think?

Written by Martin

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I was watching a Brit comedy called “Benidorm” and before it started there was a disclaimer that this was “classic comedy; some of the contents might not be considered acceptable today”. So I figured it must have been something from the 1970’s. Turns out the show dates from 2007.

We have speech codes now, written by the left and enforced by corporate America, state-ish media like the BBC and ABC. This has, seemingly overnight, largely replaced the ethos of robust debate and freedom of expression that I assumed was permanently ingrained in Western culture.

Hayden Hewitt

These sort of reports are becoming very commonplace. It’s like a dog whistle rather than an actual warning isn’t it.

Hayden Hewitt

This is becoming horribly commonplace now. They’re called “warnings” but I can’t shake the feeling they’re dog whistles.

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