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Cancel Vultures

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I’ve watched cancel culture develop with an ever-growing sense of bemusement during the last few years. Each time I see people who bring nothing to the table for society, nothing in terms of improving our minds, nothing in terms of helping us understand ourselves, destroying the lives of people for one reason. Wrongthink.

Nobody likes being offended, I do understand that. The problem we now face is that offence is a currency and the more you have the more moral authority you can “buy” with it. Add to this the tremendous amplifying effect of our social media echo chambers and we arrive at the perfect storm of authoritarianism. The lunatics have gained control of the asylum, the only problem is the lunatics are now very dull indeed. This wasn’t the revolution I had in mind when I first logged on the Internet all those years ago.

Look at today (as I write this), many people put their names to a letter campaigning to stop this madness
What are your thoughts on free speech?x
. To encourage free speech. To encourage people to debate and understand. I seemed, on the face of it, perfectly reasonable. Of course, it’s never reasonable and in no time at all the outrage factory known as Twitter kicked into action. Employers were contacted, Twitter feeds polluted with the usual cries of “NAZI” and “TERF”. Suddenly people were backing away from the letter, some disassociating themselves from it completely. Not because of the message itself (which was problematic enough, apparently) but because of some of the co-signees. There were apologies all around as people cast themselves to the ground begging forgiveness. And some had that forgiveness granted, but they are marked now. It will not be forgotten. you will not transgress.

Freedom of speech is not selective. Freedom is an absolute constrained only by what we are legally compelled to observe. Freedom of opinion is something we should cherish in the understanding that we will hear things that upset us or that we profoundly disagree with on every level. That’s what freedom entails. What these people are looking for, the “woken”, is something else. They are the ones who should be able to say what they like and everyone else who isn’t following their guide to a utopian world of absolute agreement should tread carefully.

If you fall foul of them they will campaign relentlessly to see you removed from social media. “No big deal” you might think, but that is the removal of your public voice. But that’s not enough, they will try to ensure you lose your job, your income, anything to hurt you. Your loved ones will be collateral damage, nothing more. Their reach is born of numbers, the influence they hold over public figures is alarming. It’s almost as if they’re an unstoppable force as they smugly oversee your demise. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

All we need are platform owners and people in any position of power or responsibility to show a backbone. Too many fear some kind of boycott without ever noticing that Twitter and social media aren’t often reflected in the real world. These people aren’t your customers, they hate you. They are bitter, twisted, nobodies. Someone just needs to stand and say “That’s enough”. But nobody will because they’re for some reason in thrall to this noisy minority and it sickens me.

Look at the Liberal Democrat party in the UK. During the last election their leader very publically went “woke” and looked to embrace the activists on Twitter. She lost her seat. The general public isn’t represented by these people, not even close. Any of us who can stand up to them, who have security, or simply a life they can’t touch has an obligation to stand up to them. It’s not even a choice because if you don’t, if you let them carry on, then no matter how careful you are you will be there with your forehead in the dirt begging forgiveness having done absolutely nothing wrong.

Stop buying into their hysterics. Nobody is killed because you don’t think a Trans woman is a woman or that children shouldn’t be given puberty blockers. The stats they’ll throw at you sound awful but they’re nonsense, a misrepresentative muddle of numbers to convince you that you are the aggressor. You don’t need Stonewall to tell you how to run a fair business. Just be decent, just consider people on their merits. You will never live up to their standards. Don’t want to take a knee? Don’t. Stand up to them because I promise you that once you do, once more of us do, their power will seem very flimsy indeed. The only power they have is that which we, the rest of us, those who do promote freedom, debate, and simple rules for not hurting people provide for them. It is ours to take back.

Ignore their language, ignore their taunts and threats. Stand up to them and stand up for those who cannot. Look after the right people, support the right people, because I promise you anyone who indulges in cancel culture are not good, kind, or decent. They’re the worst kind of mealy-mouthed worms wrapped in a cloak of assumed moral authority.

Come on now. Let’s get our shit together and push these losers aside. Or don’t and wait for your turn. It’s up to you. I know I won’t be bending my knee to them any time soon
Would you stand? Or is it too risky?x



What do you think?

Written by Hayden Hewitt

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Narrative= story or, nowadays, generally a fairy-tale with little truth in the substance.
Why do we gladly give our rights, privileges and our freedom away? Why are we in this situation now? We sit at home with a beer, waxing lyrical and bitching about the government, bemoaning our situation and life in general without even thinking what the root of the problem is. Government is generally the obvious, logical answer. But how many of us look at ourselves and admit that we are in fact the problem and the complicated mess that we call our lives is actually our of own making?
Why? Because we consume. Because we always want more.
WE have elected the banks and the corporations as our leaders, above the government.
Our need (greed) to have more, or better, because it boosts our ego and shows our social status, is the source of all our problems.
Without us, the banks and corporations would have no power.
As it is, we queue up to borrow money to buy shit that we don’t really need, to show off and ‘fulfill our lives. If we stopped doing this and went back to basics, the power would return to the elected government and they would once again listen to us because we would be their paymasters.
All this BLM and gay/lesbian/transvestite/covid19 shit is there to take our eyes away from the real situation, which is a failing monetary system.
When we stop consuming, our freedom will return and globalism will die.
To say what you really want to is pie in the sky at the moment, people are being whipped up into a frenzy about subjects that either concern us all or don’t concern us at all. They believe the shouting they do is free speech.
One day, the bubble will burst, or we will die. I guess we’ll die.
Rant over.


It’s getting worse every day, though. When will it peak?

Can I talk about AltFeed?

Freedom of Speech? YOU NAZI!