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Remember Barbie Kardashian? Apparently my comments on how a male who has committed violent attacks against women probably shouldn’t be put into a women’s prison (for more information, if you aren’t familiar, have a read HERE ) has apparently caused some issues. I received the following e-mails via altfeed.


U.M Bongo


The Anti-TERF League



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Yeah, little slapheaded dwarf, Hayden Hewitt, is a nonce who needs to shut his mouth about trans people before he gets exposed as a kiddie fiddler.

Trans woman are women.
Trans men are men.
Non-Binary people are valid.
Hewitt is a pedo.

Imagine being so indoctrinated into an ideology that you would throw women under a bus because of it? And then call someone a nonce for questioning if a violent offender against women, a man no less, should be placed in a building full of vulnerable women. Of course, they needed to get one more in:


Darth Vader


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Oi Hewitt you fucking nonce dwarf!

You do realise that kid in Ireland you’ve been gobbing off about had her details pinched from the actual Irish police’s computer?

That said, scum like you don’t fucking care about that…

I wouldn’t set foot in Ireland again if I was you, mate…

This person is correct about one thing, I honestly don’t fucking care about the offenders information being taken. The state, and the trans activists supporting it, are putting lives at risk because of some bizarre insistence that “Trans Woman Are Women” to the cost of everything else. As for the threat at the end, I’ve no plans currently to travel to Ireland but should that change I highly doubt some insecure, Internet hard man is going to put me off.

If any other sad incels who probably think about their mum while they have a wank would like to send in some hate mail please do. It’s always fun to read your impotent fury.

**ADDITION** It seems this desperate incel is still upset. They’ve left comments below and sent in this e-mail:


Clann na Trans


Comments / Questions

Do you want us, Hewitt, to reveal all over social media that you have sex with underage girls? Cos it’s common knowledge mate… Same for your mate Lawson… Younger the better, eh Hewitt, you dirty little bastard.Don’t say you haven’t been warned, dwarf…



What do you think?

Written by Hayden Hewitt

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Albert Pierrepoint

Internet hard man eh, Hewitt…?

I don’t think you know who you are fucking messing with, boy…. I really don’t think you know who you’re messing with…

You couldn’t fight your way out of a wet paper bag, you fucking little turd! Oh, and your missus has got a fanny like the Blackwall Tunnel… Everyone in fucking Manchester has had her…

Hayden Hewitt

LOL. Anonymous Tumblr gender tourist types “upsetting” words in a comments section. You pityful incel piece of shit 🙂


You are not the only one getting emails from the “Anti-TERF league.” I have seen other screenshots.

What an odd hill to die on, defending that deranged person.

Albert Pierrepoint

Awww! Diddums! Did the naughty Anti-TERF League have a go at you for being a fucking paedo…? Diddums!

You and the Slapheaded Dwarf would make a lovely couple. Just don’t have kids because you’ll end up fucking them…

not a doctor

Pleasantly surprised when I went to

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