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AltFeed Rules

AltFeed is a site for adults to post blogs and articles, socialise and collaborate. As much as we'd like to leave it there we do have to put some rules in place.

Site Rules:

  1. Pornography. Please do not post hardcore pornography on the site. Any illegal pornography posted including, but not limited to, child pornography, “rape” videos, zoophilia etc will be removed immediately and your account suspended. Where applicable we will hand any information we may have on you to the relevant authorities.

  2. Graphic Media. Any graphic media will be judged solely on context. “Gore” for the sake of gore or with flimsy reasoning will be removed.

  3. Doxxing. This is a repugnant practice only employed by the weak and evil and we will not tolerate it on AltFeed. If you cannot argue an opposing view and feel you have to result to threats and intimidation then you are not welcome here.

  4. Racism / racial slurs. The debate of these things is not subject to editorial constraint as they are a part of society. However, racial slurs employed as an insult or without proper context will be removed. If you cannot debate without them you might be better served elsewhere.

  5. “Hate speech”. Hate speech is a divisive subject which seems wholly subjective. As nobody else can offer a proper definition which is equitable and reasonable we will not attempt it either. We will judge each issue in isolation and act accordingly.

  6. Spam. If you want to advertise on AltFeed get in touch, if you want to advertise for free when you're not a part of the community you'll simply be banned.

  7. Spam comments. They're stupid. Stop it.

  8. Linking to sites containing, or posting, any illegal content will see your account removed.

  9. Any action carried out to disrupt the AltFeed service will see you removed without notice.

Profile Rules:

  1. Your profile picture and header should not contain any pornographic or graphic imagery. Please.

  2. All site rules apply to your profile too.

Posting Rules:

  1. You will be held legally liable for what you post. Your posts are your responsibility. Libel is a legal issue not a censorship issue.

  2. Factual. We would prefer non-fiction posting to be factual. If you are expounding theories that's great, if you are dishing out unfounded theory as fact it could be more problematic.

  3. Opinion is opinion. Share yours and enjoy others.

  4. Copyright. Make sure whatever you post is yours to post. No copy pasting from other people. That's naughty and not at all clever.

Group Rules:

  1. Group rules are the same as general site rules.

  2. Any groups created with the sole intention of harassing others or being used to coordinate “brigading” on AltFeed or elsewhere will be removed.

  3. Private groups are private, please don't take anything from them and share it without permission.

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