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Gombeen Eire  

A song about the corruption and

Gombeenery that’s ruining our beloved Country.

A Gombeen Man – is a term used in Ireland for a shady, small-time “wheeler-dealer” businessman or politician who is always looking to make a quick profit, often at someone else’s expense or through the acceptance of bribes.

Song Words

Verse 1

Why are we sad?

We should be happy

We should be glad.

You’re trying I know

But you’re trading in you’re hours just to pay off your homes.

Are you wide?

This is out of control.

Verse 2

My Éire’s in chains look around, she isn’t the same.

T’is normal we’re told, but you’re dealing with a traitor they have turned on their own.

RTE propaganda control



Cá bhuil mo Éire?

They’re trying to take you away from me

They’re trying to take you away from me

Verse 3

Warren’s enraged, he had a channel they took it away.

She’s dying alone but they’ll never get our Éire we have only one home.

Are you wide?

They are out of control.

Chorus x 2

Well done to Jamie and his band ????

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