JOTELL: J oy O f T he E rratically L ived L ife: The Unlikely Professional Success Of An Erratic Man

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In the mid-2000s, I succeeded in my efforts to enact a successful professional profile in the insurance industry.  My success, in opening, cultivating, and then fully establishing a successful independent property and casualty insurance agency, involved a preternatural series of serendipitous and quite amazing unfolding of unlikely events. To this day, I am delightfully amazed at the joy-making miracles that occurred in order for this erratic dude to be a mid-level honcho in my local insurance scene.

Before I go further, I want to tell anyone who is searching for a professional career, that the insurance industry has few “barriers to entry” into the profession.  In virtually all of the other professions; medical, legal, accounting, et al., many, many prerequisites and barriers must be accumulated and overcome,  before a white collar professional in those disciplines can enter the profession.  “Barriers to entry” are culling methodologies that are oftentimes draconian in their exclusivity.

The insurance profession is a broad and vast universe of risk management and the provision of insurance companies’ assumption of risk, in return for clients’ payments of premiums.  To any of you who have any sense of hopelessness in your search for a career, I will say, unequivocally, that the insurance profession may well be your ticket for financial success. That’s my pitch. Few “barriers to entry” means that almost anyone, with somewhere between 40-200 hours of preliminary study with testing (possibly even less), can enter the insurance profession, and immediately earn a salary that will be at least 20-30% higher than whatever the minimum wage is in your district and region. If, after reading this, you are interested, then seek and search out, yourself, as to what are the course requirements that are necessary in order to acquire the basic insurance licenses. I believe that you will be pleasantly surprised as to how easy it is to enter into the insurance industry as a licensed professional

Okay.  Now we get to the juicy, erratic stuff.  From the very first day, week, and month that I started operating my insurance agency, a pain management doctor was providing me high-powered narcotic drugs. From 2004 until 2010, this doctor, in a proper response to my thoracic and cervical spinal disc injuries that caused me constant, mind-numbingly intense pain, prescribed hydrocodone, oxycodone, extended-release morphine sulfate, and the muscle relaxer called Soma.

Amazingly, because my total focus was fixed on succeeding financially, the high-powered narcotic drugs only assisted me in my herculean struggle to arise out of a disinherited, dispossessed, impoverished, and dysfunctional madness of chaotic collapse and prior personal and business failures. And rise I did.

I could embellish this preternatural success story of mine, but I do not want to become too tedious in my writings.  I will keep this relatively short.  I opened my insurance agency in 2004, with zero accounts and an ugly debt structure.  In 2013, I sold the insurance agency, with approximately 2000 clients on my books, for a sweet, six figure amount that approached 400K.  Niiice…!!

With diligence and persistence, almost any of you who read this can also enact somewhat similar success stories, either as an agency owner, or as a valued member of insurance production or underwriting teams.  Just sayin’….

To give you all an idea of the nomenclature and jargon of the insurance industry, I am uploading, with this written article, three JPG images that show my entire continuing education coursework, all the way from 2004 until the present.  Though I am retired and inactive in the insurance profession, I have kept my licenses active, just in case life takes a major dump on my investments such that I once again haunt the poorhouse landscapes of lower class desperation.  To be truthful, I don’t think that this will happen;  so CHEERS, altfeed community. Take a look at the coursework that I’ve completed over a 16 year period of times, and, if you’re looking for a solid career, then consider the insurance profession.


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Written by Cipher-This

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*With diligence and persistence, almost any of you who read this can also enact somewhat similar success stories…*

Now that the Democrats are in power I’ll just claim to be a “victim” and get the government to take your hard earned money and give it to me.


LOL… I hear ya, lastdance. I’m just hoping that the shitshow (assuming Biden actually gets sworn in) doesn’t go too awfully, terribly, ridiculously off the tracks….

not a doctor

I’m the only one who read this CT and I gave you 5 stars. I hope you’re doing good dude.
You’re wasting your time posting your stuff here.
Get yourself over to … that’s where all your buddies are from the almost defunct Liveleak.

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