March for Innocence. The Aftermath.

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March for Innocence. The aftermath

For many of us the 11th of July 2020 and the #MarchforInnocence will be a day we will recall fondly. Emotions were at an all time high for obviously reasons, many people angry at the need for the protest at all, others nervous and alert for trouble from counter protestors who issued threats online in the days leading up to the protest.
But there was a celebratory feel to the day as well. Perhaps the fine weather played a part. It was a beautiful day in Dublin. Overall I felt anxious and excited, it was the first protest I have been to.
The energy of the crowd was palpable. The release of tension during the chanting and cheering after each speakers was cathartic for the people who gathered outside the Dail that day especially considering the seriousness of the issue at hand.

John Connors

I didn’t know who he was at the time, hadn’t seen his movies or Love/Hate But I wasn’t surprised an actor would offer support to an Anti Paedophilia Protest.
I was naïve to the homophobic angle that would be created by the papers in an attempt to discourage and smear the organisers, the speakers and citizens that gathered. I myself would not have equated homosexuality and Paedophilia knowing that is a well known unfair and a false equivalency.
Nonetheless John gave a great speech where he implicitly informed the audience that this had nothing to do with Homophobia, himself being fully aware the angle that they would use to dismiss the protest.
John had a week to consider the intent for the march, he knew who the organisers were and did a lot of research himself into Peter Tatchell, presumably to prepare for his speech. Revealing that Peter Tatchell was a Patron of Educate & Celebrate an organisation that has advised the Irish Government regarding upcoming amendments of the Relationship and sexual education programme. With a view to introducing it at Primary level.
That John did a complete back track on everything he said was very surprising to us all. I was also angry with him for implying we had alternative motives for the protests.
Perhaps he received a legal threat and was left with no choice but to recant his statements. I guess we’ll never know for sure.
I will say this, I heard his speech in person and I believed every word he said. The apology letter didn’t seem like it was written by him at all and was very unconvincing in light of what he had said in Dublin merely days before.


Antifa showed up in a small group with a dirty bedsheet with the words “All you fascists bound to fail” spray painted on it. They dressed all in black with their faces covered. They also had a sound system.
At the beginning of Justin Barretts Speech they decided to blare some music to drown him out.
The a small crowd surged towards the counter protestors and someone grabbed their bed sheet and stopped the music.
The Garda were quick to put a stop to any disturbance and the speeches continued.
The funny thing is this; Antifas counter protest to this Anti Paedophilia march helped gain it international attention while our own media ignored it completely. People all over the world took courage in seeing the fighting Irish rising up and putting Antifa firmly in their box.
There was video of some people burning Antifa’s dirty bed sheets later that day. We all got a good laugh at that one.

National Party & Justin Barretts Speech

On the day Justin Barrett was the first speaker. He spoke about the insanity that we even had to gather outside the Dail to demonstrate against Paedophilia at all. He condemned the media and others who claimed the people in attendance were “far right” “faceless trolls”
He said that Peter Tatchell was a Paedophile apologist. A conclusion I had come to myself. He then spoke about a commonly used phrase used in Politics. Choose the hill your willing to die on wisely.
“The hill I’m willing to die on is in defence of children from rape and abuse whether that be from predators at the highest levels of government or the lowest level of street crawling.”
He concluded to say that the only place Paedophilia should be discussed in is a courtroom:
“Where the Paedophile rapist, after having a free and fair trial, and a conviction for the 1st offence should hear these words from the Judge; I hereby order, the defendant be taken from this place, to a suitable place of execution and hanged by the neck until he is dead”
“That is our debate, that is our debate on paedophilia, in a courtroom ending with a noose”
Pretty based. What more needs saying besides that I almost shred a tear with relieved emotion, at what I believed was an incredibly powerful statement. Mirroring my own feelings, so perfectly, on the punishment I think should befall a child rapist.
The National Party had a banner and placards that displayed a noose icon. Highlighting Principle 9 of the National Party;
The National Party demands a complete reform of our criminal justice system, placing the protection of society from criminality as its imperative value, up to and including restoration of the Death Penalty for particularly heinous crimes.
Some people were put off by the sight of the noose icon. Many others were delighted to see the party make such a bold statement. Overall judging by the reactions from the crowd ( and some Dublin Bus Drivers) the consensus seemed to be that child rapist deserve to face the death penalty.

Paddy Manning & Others

Paddy Manning was another great speaker on the day. He focused on Roderic O Gormans activism regarding gender reassignment surgery and puberty blocking medication. He highlighted the fact these interventions are irreversible. A claim that has recently been backed up based on a decision by the court services in the UK.
Paddy commented on a interview that Matt Cooper did with Peter Tatchell on the lead up to the march, where he attempted to question him on his views regarding the Age of Consent amongst other questions and issues raised by citizen journalists on Twitter. Manning was highly critical of the interview describing Matt Cooper of “Licking him like a lollipop”.
As a gay man himself Paddy reiterated the fact that homophobia was not the issue at the core of the #MarchforInnocence.
Hermann Kelly of the Irish Freedom, Renua, Dolores Cahill and many other commentators spoke on the day and did a great job but I just wanted to highlight some of my favourites in this piece.

So what did we achieve?

Being completely honest I thought Roderick O Gorman would be asked to resign. But knowing what I know now, that would have legitimized the protest and that could never be allowed to happen. The organisers and those in attendance are designated “Deplorable Far Right Bigots and Racists” by regime journalists and commentators in Irish life.
To question a member of the LGBT community, is to be a far right and hate filled it seems… If anti Paedophilia is far right then I guess I’m far right by their definition.
More than anything I think we sparked a debate around this sensitive issue for everyday people and provided a clear message to the government how we feel, as a people, about Paedophilia. That we are willing to take to the streets and would again if needs be.
I’m reminded of a quote by a child named Alex. He was a victim of child sex trafficking in the US. He said;

“The strongest thing we have isn’t our fists, its our words. It’s what we do. So keep fighting.”

And in closing by Martin Luther King, a quote that I live by:

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”


What do you think?

Written by Kelly_justkel

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Thank for the excellent article and thank you for participating in the march.
What has happened in the world that this march was even needed? Peter Tatchell seems to be a pedophilia apologist at best. In any other time of place, the claims he’s made would have disqualified him from any position of public influence.


“The hill I’m willing to die on is in defence of children from rape and abuse whether that be from predators at the highest levels of government or the lowest level of street crawling.”

Yes. The protecting and sheltering of innocence is the root of the Western World’s mores: The ethics and morals of a civilized people…


Great write up Kelly. The March for innocence reached so many people. It united hundreds in a very worthy cause and we the irish must remember our roots and stand up and fight for a better future for our children.

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