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I drafted this open letter regarding the #MarchforInnocence Sat 11th July 2020


I have been very vocal online in lending my support to the cause of #MarchforInnocence. It started off, for me anyway, when I posted a tweet asking the Green Party for a statement regarding Roderic O Gorman’s connections to Peter Tatchell on the back of the now infamous photo at Pride 2018.
I was blocked by ROG immediately. I used no bad language in the tweet and was only requesting clarification from an elected official regarding policy. I thought that was allowed in this country?
I was overwhelmed by the support the post got. I had about 600 followers on twitter but the tweet got so much traction I decided to keep going with it and dig a little deeper. I set up a poll asking people if they felt strongly enough to protest. It had almost 1100 votes with 88% saying yes, they would like to protest.
All of a sudden there was two protest organised and a load of people arguing about it online. Two different petitions set up. The first one removed after 2000 people signed. The second one is still active and has over 4000 signatures. One protest sprung up on the 11th another one by the IFP on the 18th. It all got so confusing.
I was disappointed to see some groups take advantage of the publicity to promote politics. Anti Corruption Ireland, Gemma O Doherty’s party, was one such party. The organisers have been publicly arguing with her on twitter asking her to stay at home and not to make it a political issue. Hermann Kelly IFP was also asked to make it non political so we could appeal to everyone and not have people think it’s a ‘far right’ protest.
All to no avail….I guess it’s their jobs as heads of the parties to promote themselves and their ideas. Some ideas I would agree with, others I wouldn’t. I try to see the best in everyone. I want to believe these people love Ireland and feel strongly we are moving in the wrong directions as a country. They have every right to be heard too.
Now we have Antifa Ireland staging a counter protest and they are known to be violent. They label anyone who disagrees with their ideology “far right” “racists” “homophobe” and all the rest…. these words are beginning to lose all meaning. Which is quite worrying, considering there are racists and homophobic people who hold terrible views about others. Those views deserve to be opposed. However they have been successful in stopping many well meaning people take a stand on some of the nonsense they see going on in this country with their ‘punch a Nazi’ far left ideology. It makes people fearful of saying anything to avoid being labelled or attacked.
Things fester in the dark, topics should be discussed openly like they used to before. With lively debates on radio shows and panel shows on TV to delve into things. Its seems it’s gone back to the days when you cant talk for fear you might upset someone.
I make no apology for wanting people in Government who hold more traditional views about family life and raising children regardless of their gender and sexuality. Wasn’t Catherine Zappone part of LGBT community? No one had issues with that nor did they have issues with Leo Varadkar leading the country as a gay man.
How can we live in a society that allows a man like Tatchell advise the government with regards to the setting of legislation around relationships, children’s sexual education and equality?
I find it absolutely staggering the Minister For Children is ignoring so many concerned men and women many of whom are parents.
Tatchell claims
1. His views are misrepresented.
2. A letter he wrote to the Guardian was edited
3. He was tricked into writing that horrible chapter in BOY a book some have called “A handbook for Paedophilia”

Tatchell was invited on The Matt Cooper show. A National radio station to clarify his position and assure us it’s just a far right conspiracy theory or a homophobic attack, by a hate filled mob.
Peter Tatchell for whatever reason is being protected and put forward as some crusader for human rights and the rights of gay people.
I am not naïve to the plight of homosexual people. They have had a difficult time being accepted by society in the past. I find it hard to image a world where, who you go to bed with matters to anyone, as long as it was between consenting adults in private. As much as I despise him I suppose credit is due to Tatchell for his work in that regard.
But his views on the age of consent and Paedophilia are very troubling. I don’t accept his excuses or justification for the views he has expressed on more than one occasion. I’m sure the government could find a more suitable representative on these matters. One without such a controversial past.
There’s so many more things I could say about the #MarchforInnocence movement. For example there appears to be a cover up going on with regards to Fianna Fail party and how much they knew about the convicted Paedophile Bill Kenneally. When did the leaders of the party find out about it? Why is the cousin of that man who knew about it and did nothing being allowed to stay in the party? Even canvass the family of the victims in some cases on behalf of Fianna Fail. The victims, who were brave enough to come forward are claiming many people in authority knew what was going on and said nothing to protect them or protect other children meeting a similar fate at the hands of Kenneally.
It’s a perfect example of what we are trying to achieve with the #MarchforInnocence movement. Because that is what it has become, a movement. Much more than Tatchell and O Gorman.
It is because of Irelands sordid past of sexual abuse and cover up by those in positions of authority that I decided to take a stand. I can only speak on my own motivations and the people I have supported publicly on the issue. I know they are genuine. I firmly believe my silence is complicit in the face of evil against children.
Had I been old enough to understand the clerical abuse in Ireland when that came out. I can I assure you I would have been active in the fight to expose that too.
There are a lot of people like me who love the country and its people and are willing to stand in defence of children even though we know we will be smeared and labelled by the likes of RTE and others as conspiracy nuts and right wingers.
The cameras will be firmly on Gemma O Doherty and her crew on Saturday. She is used to discredit the rest of us unfortunately. I admire her journalist career and her passion for Ireland but don’t agree with her approach at all.
Thanks for reading and at least you cant say you don’t know the motivations behind the protest for those of us taking a stand.

Kind regards,



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Written by Kelly_justkel

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Oh god, please tell me the left isn’t going to normalize pedophilia in the near future?


Well said, 100% behind your thoughts on this

Women and their shoes.

Beyond Magenta – Email to my Local Library