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In section 7-4a, the term “political skill” is included. Please define this concept, and select one of the politicians from each the Time 100 list or the Forbes 75 list (two total). Do some quick research and find out how and why your selected politicians are competent in the area of “political skill,” describe and explain with details and cites.


“As defined by a group of researchers, political skill is a constructive force. It is an interpersonal style that manifests itself in being socially astute and engaging in behaviors that lead to feelings of confidence, trust, and sincerity.”

Aliko Dangote, # 66 on the Forbes 100 List, is Africa’s richest person, founded and chairs and is CEO of Dangote Cement, the African continent’s largest cement producer. A multi-billionaire, Mr. Dangote’s Wikipedia page [1] contains numerous cites and details that delineate his political power skills.  Example after example is shown, and, following, are numbers of quotes that all trace back to his wiki page:

“In 2014, the Nigerian government said Dangote had donated 150 million naira (US$750,000) to halt the spread of Ebola.[16][17] In March 2020, he donated 200 million naira (US$500,000) towards the fight against the spread of COVID-19 in Nigeria.[18”

“Dangote had a prominent role in the funding of Olusegun Obasanjo’s re-election bid in 2003, to which he gave over N200 million (US$2 Million). He contributed N50 million (US$500 Thousand) to the National Mosque under the aegis of “Friends of Obasanjo and Atiku”. He contributed N200 million to the Presidential Library.”

“He has said, “Let me tell you this and I want to really emphasize it … nothing is going to help Nigeria like Nigerians bringing back their money. If you give me $5 billion today, I will invest everything here in Nigeria. Let us put our heads together and work.””

It is obvious that, on all the fronts of his business practices, Aliko Dangote practices politically skillful techniques.  His political skill is demonstrated on both corporate and governmental interfacing levels.  One does not become a multi-billionaire by being politically clumsy and ineffective, and Mr. Dangota is the exact opposite; he is skillful and effective, and much can be learned from him.

Moon Jae-in is the current President of South Korea.  In terms of political skill, President Jae-in displays some astounding historical antecedent behaviors that propelled him into the office of President of South Korea.

He entered Kyung Hee University in Seoul in 1972 and became active in the student movement against the authoritarian regime of Pres. Park Chung-Hee. He was expelled and briefly imprisoned for his activism.” [2]



Moon Jae-in’s Presidency was preceded by Park Geun-Hye, the daughter of Park Chung-Hee, other highly prominent politicians in South Korea.  Due to behaviors that violated public trust, and that were the exact opposite of politically skillful actions and thinking, Park Geun-Hye was impeached and removed from her Presidency.  Then, due to his own sterling reputation and activities, the following happened for Moon Jae-in, as quoted from the Britannica article:

“Park’s impeachment triggered a snap election, and Moon quickly emerged as the front-runner. Moon pledged to rein in the power of the chaebols, to sever the ties between government and business, and to adopt a more nuanced North Korea policy. His strongest conservative challenger, former United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki-Moon, had declared in February 2017 that he would not enter the race. Software magnate Ahn Cheol-Soo, who had supported Moon in 2012, threatened to split the centrist vote with a technocratic “third way” campaign, but he ultimately fell short. Despite Ahn’s last-minute surge, Moon won the May 9, 2017, contest in a landslide, becoming South Korea’s first liberal president in nearly a decade.” [2]

As with the example of Aliko Dangote, President Jae-in exhibits a natural and obvious affinity for leading and influencing with great political skill.


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