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This is an exposé on the people and organisations
delivering LGBT+ Workshops to Teens as young as 12 in
Irish Secondary Schools.


@Professor9lives Presented an excellent thread on a person named Robert Diac, a prominent figure in LGBT circles in Ireland. He is a pansexual individual
currently crowd funding for ‘Top Surgery’ and also the CEO of LGBT+ Services, Dublin.

Mr. Spencer Christie donated to Diac’s Gofundme campaign, he is also pictured behind Diac in a photo on the LGBT+ Services website. Both Diac and Christie work for an organisation called Squarespace.

Here is a link to Spencer Christie’s Twitter account
His screen name is “Conspicuous ????”
Here’s Spencer Christie retweeting Robert Diac.
(He retweets many very graphic images… more on that later)

Spencer Christie is a graduate of Trinity College having studied French and Drama.
He now works for Squarespace where he champions Queer rights. He is on the Executive Commitee of Shoutout, An LGBT advocacy group and has delivered over 60 workshops in Irish Schools.

In Dec 2019 Spencer Christie was a nominee of the National LGBT Federation (NXF) annual GALAS LGBTQ+ Awards. The nominations coordinator, Steve Jacques is a Director of NXF and the CEO of Fostering First.

Steve Jacques thread:

In 2019 Spencer Christie represented Shoutout at the Annual Members conference of the IGLYO (international LGBTI Youth & Students Organisation based in Brussels) held in Finland.
Here he is pictured with Shoutout Director Connor Houston (Blue jacket)

Spencer Christie and ShoutOut also offer LGBT+ Workshops to the corporate sector
And Christie trains other trainers to deliver these workshops on behalf of ShoutOut.

Bella Fitzpatrick is the The Executive Director of ShoutOut. For 7 months last year Fitzpatrick was researcher and project coordinator for OutRight Action International, NYC. The group has special consultative status with the United Nations.

OutRight is funded by Soros Open Society, The Ford Foundation and Jon Strykers Arcus Foundation. Fitzpatrick is a skilled lobbyist and would have indept knowledge of the UNs SDG to deliver Comprehensive Sexual Education Globally. For more information on the United Nations Sustainable development goals and how it impacts Sex Ed please see the following essay.


In June 2018 Bella Fitzpatrick was in attendance at the infamous Pride Debate in Dublin where Peter Tatchell was invited to speak.
Along with Senator Fintan Warfield, who has also been retweeted by Spencer Christie….

Link to Orlared Bitchute Video Pride Debate 2018

I mentioned earlier Spencer Christie tweets out some disturbing image’s and his language is overtly sexual. He also glorifies the use of PreP a medication that can reduce the risks of getting HIV whilst engaged in unprotected sex and a risky lifestyle.

Here you can actually see ShoutOut tagging to Spencer Christie twitter account…..

In conclusion @ShoutOut_IE is one of Ireland’s main LGBTQ+ NGOs. Spencer Christie is on the Executive Commitee. Teens as young as 12 are being exposed to his disgustingly perverted social media output.
Parents are mostly unaware of all this so please share to raise awareness.



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Written by Kelly_justkel

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Daniel O'Connell

Thanks for that Kelly. It links together well and indicates the obvious engineering behind the RSE programme linked to the Liberal agenda push. The link with fostering is quite worrying and very much smells of engineered Paedophilia. We must stop any child we can from falling prey to sick perverted vultures.


Good stuff, thanks Kelly

Hayden Hewitt

Let’s give this a share.

The Times Sitar A-Changin’

Trigger warning