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Hello and thanks for reading. I really appreciate all of the positive feedback about the pub. The show is made by the people who join me and we all create it together. If you are unfamiliar with the show, it is a live show on the You Tube Trigger Warning channel. As the title says we drink and smoke and talk about whatever subject is on your mind. All are welcome you can join in sober or otherwise. We are on Saturday nights at 11pm BST, 6pm EST. I need people to join on video. This is obvious for many reasons. My wife who is a great critic says that mellow shows like last night are still actually entertaining. So I will continue running the pub and drinking with you all  for as long as you are entertained and interested. I have noticed we have lost some regulars. Many of you are still in the comments but were a great addition on screen as well. We can now have 10 on video at once and it would be great to get all of those spots filled up every Saturday!  So old, regular or new addition please remember I need you all to join me to keep it going and entertaining. A big thank you to those of you who have been joining me regularly. I was a big fan when Hayden and Graeme ran the pub that is why I volunteered to keep it going. I have been a Live leak fan for years and the progression of Hayden and Graeme has been fun to watch and now to be a small part of.

Thank you all

See you Saturday



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Brother B

I love the idea and the setting I’ve actually belly laughed pretty hard over some of the discussion and like a real Pub you never know who is going to walk in next,,,,, Cheers !!


It wasn’t incredibly thrilling with expensive production values to rival Star Wars, it was just a nice place to hang out and listen to folks talk. I really enjoyed it, thank you Steve for organizing it and hosting it.


Glad to have you aboard you big ol’ bear you!

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