So, you’re fed up of tech giants are you?

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Everyone’s tired of tech giants, apparently. You see it on Twitter and Facebook all the time with one popular refrain “If only there was an alternative…somebody should make an alternative to **Insert site name here**”. Well, they have. You just don’t care.

There are millions of small sites out there doing things differently, they each have something going for them, owners and admins who genuinely care and are dedicated to doing things “properly”. But what they don’t have is traffic and therefore people will say something along the lines of “Well I WOULD post there but nobody sees it. On Twitter I get 200 likes easy” and round and round we go.

If you’re that attached to instant affirmation or attention then you need to embrace the tech giants. You quite literally do not have a choice in that regard as over the last 16 years or so they have dominated the space with predatory skill completely crushing the opposition and playing into our one defining characteristic. Laziness. They then kept us hooked with algorithms capable of changing the way people feel. Lovely.

You could post anywhere and share everywhere. You could support a dozen small sites rather than one giant site. You could do anything. But ease of use, man that’s a hard habit to kick. One or two apps with access to all your “people” (providing you pay in some cases, obviously. You can’t just expect to communicate with everyone who wants to hear from you. That’s totally ridiculous). Just sit there and veg out arguing on platforms where even quoting actual science can get you kicked. And when you’re done spend some time unwinding watching complete garbage on TikTok for a few hours just so you can share your data with China instead of solely with our blue haired chums in Silicon Valley.

Naturally I’m also a hypocrite. Despite using several smaller sites (and building a few) I still use the majors because everyone’s there. This is the gravity we need to break free from.

Use other sites, support them, share them, grow them. That’s the only way forwards unless you’re willing to submit to the idea you’re trapped on the angry bird site or – heaven help us – Facebook. Oh, and one more thing. Stop praying for a replacement because at some point that’s exactly what you’ll get. Think about it.


What do you think?

Written by Hayden Hewitt

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