Status update: Freedom of speech is in critical condition, not expected to pull through

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The madness of these unhinged snowflakes has reached a new height. Apparently some British rapper who calls himself Wiley has put out a series of tweets about Jews that are no doubt idiotic. He did this on Twitter, a woke American corporation which censors all manner of conservative speech because Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey doesn’t agree with it. But now other Brits don’t think Twitter has enough censorship and are demanding that Wiley be banned, canceled, and sent to a re-education gulag.

When did we decide we could no longer have debate? When did we become deathly allergic to opinions different from ours? When did we decide we’re right about everything, so confidently right that anybody whose opinion differs from us must be silenced?


“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”
― George Orwell


What do you think?

Written by lastdance

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Sam Shepard

lastdance…. This is Sam Shepard from LL.
Got got banned from LL! Almost 30,000 points… Please tell everyone I said hello and “bleep” Hayden the Nazi.
Best Regards!

Hayden Hewitt

Sorry, I didn’t personally ban you but I don’t want to fuck you either.

Stan Dardlamp

Sam, dude!

Last edited 1 year ago by Stan Dardlamp

I see what you mean lastdance. I also get the feeling I am expected to shout “Stop, stop…let me leave my brain outside and rerun it from start”

Stan Dardlamp

Good morning Lastdance, how’s it going?
” But now other Brits don’t think Twitter has enough censorship.”
Which Brits are those then?

Stan Dardlamp

I don’t do social media, I’m too stupid to understand it.
Everyone appears to be against something, instead of just living their lives.
Have a pleasant day mate.

Stan Dardlamp

I’ve reported your comment for bad spelling.

Twitter has saved us from…QAnon?

Gombeen Eire