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When evaluating Strategic Management, this writer saw a value in displaying the primary Table of Contents for the Strategic Management course, as follows: (thumbnail picture should be attached)

This course’s Table of Contents displayed, essentially, the fact that strategic management encompasses every aspect of businesses’ operations; something that this writer had not heretofore considered.

The progression of the course began to display steadily, surely, to this student, that a career in business would entail constant and dedicated effort to always learning new features and methods of business strategization.  The processes of strategic business management are endless.

Another interesting phenomenon that this student has noticed is that, in business education, redundant qualitative factors of learning overlap.  Hence, Strategic Management, Organizational Behavior, Leadership, Customer Relations for Managers, Introduction to Management Information Systems, et al., all overlap and fortify the wholeness of business students’ learning curves. 

This process has been fulfilling, interesting, and edifying in all its manifestations.  It is a quiet intellectual pleasure to acquire extensive new knowledge, especially at this student’s senior citizen station in life.

Exchanges with other students have brought me to the understanding of just how many earnest, qualified, and capable young men and women there are that are rising up through the business education and workplace ranks.  Many of the students in Strategic Management class lined up their accomplishments in their introductory and academic writings, and some very inspirational and impressive workplace profiles were shared. 

Likewise, some of the academic writings of these classmates were impressive in the breadth and depth of their knowledge expositions.  The lasting impression that this writer will carry away, from this course, is the understanding that there are many sincere, motivated, and striving persons, in business education at Daytona State College, who want, more than anything else, to succeed in life.  This writer has plenty of admiration, for all the students, to go around.

The Strategic Management class, itself, is well structured.  This writer will not presume to add a sixty-seven year old “senior’s” opinion; senior, of course, in both elderly age and collegiate status.  This student is, in actuality, probably lucky to be six feet above the ground instead of six feet under the ground; so, gratitude and not presumptuous ego is the rule of the day.


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