The end of the world as we know it?

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So having submitted to 3 weeks to flatten the curve before sacrificing autumn and winter to save January and quite a large majority of the UK public having been jabbed,we now need a 4 week delay to the reopening of society just to be on the safe side. Now ill make it clear,I love a good conspiracy theory but how on earth more people can’t see something suspicious around this whole situation is puzzling. A recent conversation at work about the great reset and the connected intentions resulted in me being told that I was full of shit,the government would never do that. Now, I can take being told I’m full of shit as I probably quite often am,im not precious like that,its OK to be wrong,its how I learn but the second statement knocked me for 6. The government would never do that?  If the government could cover up child sex abuse or lie about weapons of mass destruction im sure a few little fibs about covid would be easy. Now I don’t want everyone to agree with my opinion,I don’t need that validation but surely we should all want our fellow man to examine critically the information fed to them before accepting it as fact. I fully expect this new 4 week delay to turn into 12 weeks before being told that the new winter variant will be lethal and that those unjabbed rascals are to blame. My opinion is that enough of society still have too much economical freedom to be controlled, not enough people have lost enough yet so the lockdowns must go on. It will be interesting to see how the rest of this unfolds as we move forward but I have a sneaky feeling the life I’ve known for the 42 years I’ve been on this planet will be far removed from that which my two sons will experience. If you question anything,do it for them,do it for the kids.


What do you think?

Written by Martin

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That is a well reasoned and articulate agrument with which I wholly agree. Martin PLEASE don’t get jabbed with the Devil’s jizz (aka Vaccine) we need as many people like you to survive and outlive the Kill Gates, Arse Schwab project. What strikes me, is how cold and bloodless all of these protagonists appear from BLIAR all the way down to half Witty and Handpenis; there is that fish eyed reptialian aura about these people. I often think that if someone cold calls you in an attempt to ‘alert you to the great possibilities of Brand X’ then that product or service can’t really be all that good. Following the money is another flawless modus operandi in getting to the bottom of every hardsell campaign in history. I wish you more power Sir.

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