The Invisible Enemy — (Part 3)

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In an interview between Dr Andrew Kaufman and Dawn Lester and David Parker, authors of the book What Really Makes You Ill? Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Disease Is Wrong, germ theory and contagion theory are disregarded completely as the cause of any disease. They also discuss the long controversy over vaccine efficacy and best health practices, as well as the largely unspoken of accusations that HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) doesn’t cause AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome). Taboo subjects in mainstream media and polite conversation, merely questioning vaccines undergoes a blanket editorial ban in the British press. Yet the reality is that even Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test used to diagnose HIV, stated that there is no scientific papers that prove that HIV alone causes AIDS. He disputed that AIDS was even definitely a virus, or caused by any virus. Asserting there to be a high rate of false-positive AIDS tests, resulting in many people dying from AZT (azidothymidine), one of the most common drugs used to treat HIV and AIDS patients. He hypothesised that AIDS wasn’t caused by HIV, rather by several retroviruses, that form a chain reaction; making any vaccine impossible as once one virus is eliminated it’s replaced by another. “Eventually there is going to come a time when a percentage of the population is going to have AIDS and not have had HIV,” “The established AIDS research committee is incapable of realizing that they may be wrong.” Dr Stefan Lanka is a virologist and microbiologist who has questioned the very existence of HIV since dating back to 1994, which employs the same test used today to diagnose COVID-19. He was led to this discovery after arriving at the breathtaking conclusion that no viruses at all have ever properly been isolated. A procedure certainly capable of being carried out on bacteria phages and exosomes. “So for a long time I studied virology, from the end to the beginning, from the beginning to the end, to be absolutely sure that there was no such thing as HIV. And it was easy for me to be sure about this because I realized that the whole group of viruses to which HIV is said to belong, the retroviruses — as well as other viruses which are claimed to be very dangerous — in fact do not exist at all.” “The images of the so called HIV-, measles (Masern)- and smallpox (Pocken) viruses clearly show, as the image descriptions partly already indicate, that these are cells wherein the viruses can allegedly be found. Thus, nothing has been isolated. The photos actually show cells and typical endogenous particles in them. These structures are well known and serve the intra- and intercellular transport. Unlike viruses of the same kind – that are always the same size and same shape (consistency) -, they differ in size and shape (consistency) and therefore can´t be isolated.”

Dr Stefan Lanka offered up a reward of $100,000 to anybody who could prove measles was a virus, and declared victory in a German Federal Supreme Court (BGH) after avoiding having to make any payout. The BGH upheld an earlier judgment by the Higher Regional Court of Stuttgart (OLG) on February 16th 2016, which ordered the plaintiff to cover all procedural costs. “Five experts have been involved in the case and presented the results of scientific studies. All five experts, including Prof. Dr. Andreas Podbielski who had been appointed by the OLG Stuttgart as the preceding court, have consistently found that none of the six publications which have been introduced to the trial, contains scientific proof of the existence of the alleged measles virus.” “Genetics falsifies thesis of existence: In the trial, the results of research into so-called genetic fingerprints of alleged measles virus have been introduced. Two recognised laboratories, including the world’s largest and leading genetic Institute, arrived at exactly the same results independently. The results prove that the authors of the six publications in the measles virus case were wrong, and as a direct result all measles virologists are still wrong today: They have misinterpreted ordinary constituents of cells as part of the suspected measles virus. Because of this error, during decades of consensus building process, normal cell constituents were mentally assembled into a model of a measles virus. To this day, an actual structure that corresponds to this model has been found neither in a human, nor in an animal. With the results of the genetic tests, all thesis of existence of measles virus has been scientifically disproved.”

Dr Robert Willner, author of Deadly Deception, was another HIV/AIDS whistle-blower, who went as far as injecting himself with HIV to prove it was not the cause of AIDS. Eventually concluding that all disease is preventable through diet, lifestyle and sanitation. He was heavily influenced by the work of Peter Duesberg, the German American molecular biologist and professor of molecular and cell biology at the University of California, Berkeley. Who after receiving acclaim for his research on cancer was awarded tenure and elected to the National Academy of Sciences. None of these experts in their fields with prominent careers had anything to gain from going against the grain, yet their views go academically unchallenged, faced only by ad-hominem attacks perpetrated by the media. Dr Robert R. Redfield, the current CDC director, and Dr Anthony Fauci were both an integral part of the early research into HIV and AIDS, and played a major role in promoting the AZT treatments. Dr Fauci and Dr Redfield were both Jesuit trained, the latter being educated at Georgetown University. Dr Robert C. Gallo, co-founder of the Institute of Human Virology (IHV), is the scientist credited with establishing the apparent connection between HIV and AIDS. A Roman Catholic, in 1988 awarded the first Sword of Ignatius Loyola, from the Jesuit run Saint Louis University.

SPIN’s 1989 feature article, Sins of Omission, written by Celia Farber, uncovered hard evidence that the medical establishment was pushing a drug worse than the disease itself, which “killed faster than the natural progression of AIDS left untreated. AZT had been an abandoned cancer drug, discarded because of its fatal toxicity, resurrected in the cynical belief that AIDS patients were going to die anyway, so trying it out was sort of like playing the house’s money. Because the drug didn’t require the usual massively expensive research and trial processes, having gone through that years earlier, it was insanely profitable for its maker, Burroughs Wellcome. It was a tragically perfect storm of windfall profits, something to pacify AIDS activists and the media, and a convenient boom to the patent holders for HIV testing.” SPIN’s founder Bob Guccione Jr wrote: “Celia – who should get the Congressional Medal of Honor for her brave and relentless reporting, here and throughout the ten years we ran the column – exposed the worthlessness of the drug, the shady studies and deals to suppress the negative findings, and its awful and final consequences. This piece very literally changed the media’s view of AIDS and sharpened their discerning and skeptical eye. And soon after, AZT was once again shelved, hopefully this time forever.” In 1981, the year after the WHO proclaimed its Smallpox Eradication Programme to have eradicated smallpox from the world, the African continent exploded with the worst autoimmune disorder epidemic in recorded history, the previously unheard of HIV/AIDS. This followed 30 years worth of vaccinations, culminating in hundreds of millions of free vaccines being dished out by the programme’s end. However, the PCR tests used to diagnose HIV, already developed, were not free… and indebted African governments. Those testing positive for HIV were then treated with AZT, quoted as being: “one of the most toxic, expensive, and controversial drugs in the history of medicine.” – SPIN. Since the outbreak of HIV/AIDS in Africa, over 75 million people have contracted the condition, with more than 36 million dying from a related cause. Roughly 70% of those diagnosed as HIV-positive are from sub-Saharan Africa, with Africa containing around 91% of the world’s HIV-positive children. There’s still a million people dying every year due to HIV/AIDS related causes.

One of the most deadly claimed viruses in recorded history was the Spanish flu of 1918, which has a wide ranging estimated number of deaths, ranging from 17 million to 50 million. In research conducted by Dawn Lester and David Parker they discovered from contemporary writers that the scientists thought it at first to be a bacterial disease, then when they couldn’t prove that, they decided it was viral. Similar to what occurred in Wuhan, which was first treated with antibiotics as a bacterial disease, but when that didn’t work it was said to be a virus. Many think the Spanish flu was influenza but some often left out factors are that: it occurred at the end of a brutal 4 year war; the symptoms started earlier than 1918; and there were multiple illnesses reported, with different areas of the world being affected differently. So, it isn’t likely it was one disease causing all these illnesses and deaths. The Poisoned Needle written by Eleanor McBean in 1957 describes some of the problems occurring in American army camps, noting that thousands of soldiers died directly after being injected with vaccines; of which they received numerous, not for Spanish flu itself but for all sorts of diseases, such as small-pox and diphtheria; paralleling Gulf War syndrome. Aspirin also caused many severe repository issues around the world as it was being prescribed in very high doses.

As well as Dr Andrew Kaufman and Dr Stefan Lanka, David Parker and Dawn Lester refute that Koch’s postulates have ever been properly fulfilled and assert that no virus has ever truly been isolated and proven to be the cause of any disease. They say the scientific papers conclusively proving such claims are nowhere to be found. Misinterpretations leading to erroneous suppositions is what is instead found in abundance. Some of the most eminent contemporary scientists and physicians who reported on Edward Jenner and the smallpox vaccine of 1796 declared vaccines to be a superstition, a fraud, and a hoax. Jenner’s work is still massively influential today and it’s enshrined in medical history as a matter of fact that the resulting vaccine was responsible for eradicating smallpox. Few doctors bother to further investigate this claim but one such was Dr Charles Creighton, who was commissioned by the Encyclopaedia Britannica to author an article on vaccination for its ninth edition. Prior to this, in conformity with his medical training, Dr Creighton had been a proponent of vaccines and had no doubt as to their efficacy. However, due to the ambiguity of Jenner’s research, he was forced to study the original data himself and conduct an extensive review of related scientific literature available at the time. The final conclusion he reached was that: “In my opinion…vaccination affords no protection against smallpox.” His damning verdict on the failure of vaccinations was submitted in 1886 to the Royal Commission. An obituary notice appearing in the Lancet on July 30th 1927 was written by his friend Professor William Bulloch and documented how this verdict alone damned Dr Creighton, regarded by Bulloch as England’s “most learned scholar of the nineteenth century,” to live out the rest of his life in forsaken obscurity; when referenced from that point forward always dismissed as “Creighton the Anti-Vaccinator.” “Based on an extended study of the original data, he came to the conclusion that Jenner’s work was incorrect, and that cowpox was not, as Jenner stated, ‘Variola Vaccinse (not related to smallpox).’ In Creighton’s view cowpox had nothing to do with smallpox and was not a protective against smallpox.”

Many eminent early 20th century doctors also disregarded germ theory. The word virus comes from the Latin word meaning “poisonous substance.” It was invented before the discovery of any micro-organisms and more related to toxicity and the miasma theory, which is a noxious form of “bad air” quality, relating to pollution, like black mould for example. The 1800’s period marked the inauguration of the germ theory, with one of its most influential proponents Louis Pasteur, the “father of microbiology,” creating a model of disease causes and preventions, and inventing some of the first vaccines (used for rabies and anthrax). Pasteur, alongside Robert Koch and Ferdinand Cohn, is one of the three main founders of bacteriology, despite in later life recanting germ theory, stating it all to be a part of people’s own experiences. Much of this chemist’s work is now regarded to have been stolen from Antoine Béchamp, who was also a doctor of medicine. Béchamp thought many conclusions reached by Pasteur were unfounded, championing the terrain theory over germ theory, and placing high importance on alkalinity in health, noting that acidic pH levels attract diseases whereas alkaline pH level repels them. A conclusion shared in the early 1900’s by the Nobel Prize winning Dr Otto Warburg, who is quoted as saying: “No disease, including cancer, can exist in an alkaline environment.” Naturally, a healthy body regulates it blood to a neutral pH level of between 7.35 – 7.45. Dr Warburg believed that: “the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar.” Hence asserting that tumours are caused by a “non-oxidative” breakdown of glucose (glycolysis), rather than a healthy cell’s oxidative (a substance combing with air) breakdown of pyruvate, the end-product of glycolysis, oxidised within the mitochondria. Carcinogenesis therefore would be the result of the reduction of mitochondrial respiration. Germ theory suggests that microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, and fungi are the cause of disease. Yet, it took up until the invention of electron microscopes to witness any virus, so much of the initial focus was on bacteria, a living entity in comparison to a virus, which David Parker and Dawn Lester consider to be inert outside of a cell. They liken bacteria and viruses to firefighters arriving first on the scene of a fire to put it out but then getting blamed for starting it. Such a mistake is a common malpractice. Their alternative stance is that bacteria only becomes toxic after interacting with decaying matter. Bacteria is necessary for healthy bodily functions like aiding in the digestion of food and cleaning toxins from the blood. The pasteurisation process began removing all bacteria from produce such as milk, cheese, and fruit juice by applying a mild heat, in a desire to eliminate pathogens and to extend shelf life, but as a result it has made these items less healthy than their natural forms, which are perfectly safe until putrefaction sets in or contamination occurs. These assertions led to the misnomer of bacteria and micro-organisms being redefined as viruses, which was originally defined as a “poisonous substance.” A useful and profitable re-classification for the pharmaceutical industry, who upon discovering any new micro-organisms could then blame them as being the cause of a disease and offer new treatments. Millions of bacteria fill the guts of humans and animals, and are also present on the surface of plant roots, as well as in the ocean and within the atmosphere. Dr Kaufman points out that: “Early on when they realised that not all diseases had bacteria associated with them under the microscope, they were routinely using medicines made of mercury and arsenic in that era, and we now know that these are extremely toxic substances, especially to the central nervous system but actually to all of our body systems.”

R. B. Pearson’s 1942 book The Dream and Lie Of Louis Pasteur records that Pasteur’s first vaccine treatment against rabies (hydrophobia), rather than curing the disease, was often the cause of it: “In man, they say the death rate in France in cases of so-called rabies is 19 per 100 – the highest in the civilized world – and the same as before the Pasteur Institute was established, and cases of hydrophobia have enormously increased, while just across the Rhine in Germany, hydrophobia is almost unknown. The year before Pasteur started his treatments there were four deaths from hydrophobia in Paris, the year after there were 22! Not only France as a whole, but each department of France, and in fact every country that has allowed the Pasteur ‘treatment’ to be introduced, have all shown a sharp increase in the number of deaths from hydrophobia after such introduction! In England there were several Pasteur Institutes doing a thriving business prior to 1902, when a commission was appointed to investigate rabies and the serum treatment, and the Institutes were abolished. They have had no hydrophobia since. They claim that over 3,000 people died in England before 1902 after being bitten by dogs and then taking the Pasteur treatment, while more recently the London Hospital treated 2,668 persons bitten by dogs without using the Pasteur treatment, and none of them developed hydrophobia! While these are not complete figures for England, there are nearly 6,000 cases of dog bite treated in institutions; and of these only those who had taken the Pasteur treatment died. Why not try something different? And there has never been a case of hydrophobia in Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, New Zealand and Australia, because those countries will not tolerate a Pasteur Institute within their borders. They say the Pasteur treatment is very often the cause of rabies, is always dangerous, sometimes even murderous, and is never beneficial.”

Syphilis was one such condition treated with mercuric potions for around 150 years, that is now treated with antibiotics (primarily penicillin, known as penicillium mould, a genus of ascomycetous fungi derived from mouldy bread and used in cheesemaking, which acts as an agent against bacterial infections). Prior to the invention of antibiotics, remedies of silver (such as colloidal silver), which is anti-microbial, were used instead for millennia; it is also used as a water purification and food storage method. There are parallels between the testing for syphilis and HIV, as they both use antibody tests, rather than the culture of a specific bacteria deemed to cause them. The Wassermann antibody test for syphilis used to be required before marriage in many states in the USA, along with other tests for venereal diseases, genetic disorders (such as sickle-cell anemia), and rubella. The amount of false-positives in both syphilis and HIV tests are responsible for ruining countless lives, and in neither case are they based upon sound science. Dr Kaufman says: “The HIV test is particularly problematic, as there are over 50 conditions which can give you a positive result, and some of these are extremely common, like receiving a hepatitis B vaccination, being pregnant after the first time for subsequent pregnancies. Almost everybody has these experiences and could end up having a positive HIV test which can change the rest of your life.” This unreliable testing is also the case with COVID-19 and its PCR testing procedure, and a positive test result could also profoundly affect a person’s life. Consequences could even include a mandated vaccination, the health benefits of which David Parker, Dawn Lester and Dr Kaufman have found none, only negative effects.

The bacteria “germs” accused of being the causal agents of many diseases in lots of instances aren’t found in patients bodies as expected, and the converse is also true, meaning these “germs” are located in the bodies of people who aren’t sick. This alone makes a nonsense of germ theory. Strep throat for example is meant to be caused by the bacteria streptococcus, yet, recent understanding of the micro-biome and healthy bacteria now includes streptococcus; so it’s asserted to sometimes be the causal agent of disease and the rest of time to be normal and healthy. Numerous anomalies list the same bacteria as both healthy and damaging, which is not in accordance with Koch’s postulates. These inconsistencies and contradictions are documented in the book What Really Makes You Ill?. Its authors concluding that western medicine is based on dogma rather than empirical science; Dr Robert S. Mendelsohn also arrived at the same judgement, ascribing it to be akin to a religion. It’s only logical when testing if a bacteria is the causal agent, it should first be ascertained whether or not it’s already present within the test patient who is to be infected. The circumstances in which streptococcus and other bacteria can change from healthy to disease causing agents is never explained. Streptococcus is found commonly in healthy people but also meant to be a part of the MRSA “superbug.” If it’s the cause of a disease then it should always be the cause of that disease, this common sense logic is Koch’s first postulate, stating: “The microorganism must be found in abundance in all organisms suffering from the disease, but should not be found in healthy organisms.” The burden of proof in theoretical propositions must be placed upon the person making unfalsifiable claims, instead of shifting the burden of disproof onto others; as Bertrand Russell points out in his teapot analogy, stating that: if he was to assert without any proof that a teapot, too small to be observed by telescopes, orbits the Sun somewhere in space between Earth and Mars, he couldn’t expect anyone to believe him solely due to being unable to prove his assertion as wrong.

Contagion ideology is deeply ingrained in modern society, based on the idea that infectious agents cause disease and are passed on person to person. Personal direct experiences sometimes appear to validate this notion, when several people in close proximity all become sick with the same illness. But there are many other explanations for this, most commonly being a shared exposure to a toxic substance in the environment, often water and food sources, as well as prescribed medications or vaccines. If it’s established that “germs” aren’t even the cause of disease, then whether contagion theory is true or not, it’s not spreading any diseases. It may even be a natural and beneficial biological process of information sharing that functions similarly to trees and the plant kingdom. Appearances can be very deceptive and illusory, much like how we see lightening strike down from the clouds to the ground, but it actually occurs in the opposite direction. In many of these seemingly infectious cases, there is often other people in that same vicinity who somehow don’t get sick and inexplicably appear immune.

Max Joseph von Pettenkofer, a chemist known for his work in practical hygiene, further disproved germ theory by swallowing a load of the bacteria accused of causing cholera, without suffering any ill effects. There’s estimated to be tens of trillions of bacteria altogether in the human body and it couldn’t function without them. Toxic substances like glyphosate kill this healthy bacteria on the plants its sprayed on and then destroy it within the human body that digests it in food. Mad cow disease was caused by the UK government’s insistence that when farmers dipped their cattle they used high doses of organophosphate, which was smeared around their necks and attacked the cows central nervous system, making them appear to go mad and die. This was intended to protect the cowhide against fairly innocuous damage from warble flies, thus making its leather more valuable. Meat eaters also ingest any such poisons lingering in the animal’s system. David Parker and Dawn Lester have found through their research that practically all disease is caused by toxic substances. Finding also that a single disease may be caused by multiple factors, that may contribute in combination to people’s various underlying illnesses, nutritional intakes, and terrain exposures; including from air pollution or an overload of harmful electromagnetic radiation. Hal Huggins also demonstrated how important a role dentistry plays in health, by removing the amalgam fillings of a leukaemia patient, who then recovered, but got sick again when reinserted. He regarded amalgam fillings and other dental practices to be responsible for a wide range of diseases. Commonly today, leukaemia is treated with a highly aggressive and cytotoxic form of chemotherapy, which obliterates the bone marrow, where blood cells are made, leaving just a few healthy stem cells, hoped to be capable of re-growing the blood. Its success rate is even worse than in chemotherapy’s usage in cancer, which itself can be said to have a 97% failure rate (if counting how often it returns), and be considered controversial due to doctors profiting from its recommendation, unlike alternative treatments. Many of these toxic chemicals dumped into our environment are completely unregulated, such as atrazine, shown to turn frogs hermaphrodite when exposed to it; this toxin is an endocrine mimicker which mimics sex hormones and causes perturbations of sexual development. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) claimed there was insufficient evidence to regulate this drug, and as is characteristic of the modern corporate backed environmentalist movements, they fail to tackle the many immediate challenges to humanity’s health. Bodies supposed to be dedicated to curing diseases are all too often funded by entities profiteering off their existence by instead providing treatments.

The media plays a leading role in manipulating society on behalf of the ruling class’s latest agendas. If it wasn’t making such a big deal out of COVID-19 then the reaction could never have been so extreme and the excess mortality rate would have passed unnoticed by the vast majority of the world’s populace. Its propaganda avoids as much as possible scientific scrutiny of the claims and focuses almost entirely on emotive rhetoric and cherry picked examples overblown to appear widely representative. Whitewashing narratives that don’t fit their script and heavily censoring contrary information. They revel in a divide and conquer strategy and work overtime to ensure the public is never united. There is so far minimal mainstream discussion about the massively increased suicide rates which were already at epidemic proportions, or the levels of depression and mental health issues skyrocketing due to imposed quarantines and social distancing. Never-mind the 130 million people predicted to be facing starvation as a direct result of lockdowns. Instead it’s “disease spreaders” demonised as not caring about others lives, or those who uphold empirical science portrayed as intentionally proliferating misinformation. As a matter of course the media avoids topics that upset its paymasters, like the copious numbers of people dying annually from using pharmaceutical drugs as prescribed; reported by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) to currently be around 128,000 annually in the USA alone. Big Pharma accounts for 70% of television’s advertisement funding, and between 1998 – 2016 spent almost $3.5 billion on lobbying expenses – outmuscling every other industry in the world. “For every $1 spent on “basic research,” Big Pharma spends $19 on promotions and advertising.” – BMJ.

In terms of non-communicable diseases David Parker and Dawn Lester list four main factors: poor nutrition, toxic exposures, EMF’s, and excessive and prolonged stress. All releasing an overload and build-up of free radicals. Their version of nutrition is focused around foods that contain antioxidants (for a large part coloured fruit and vegetables), which “mop up free radicals.” Melatonin released during sleep in the hours of darkness also releases antioxidants to expel free radicals. A build-up of free radicals destroys tissues at the cellular level, which can lead to cancer, essentially being long-term tissue damage. Because of the unnatural and unsanitary conditions much of the supermarket fruit and vegetables are now grown in they’re not necessarily collecting all the nutrients required from the soil. Cooking also reduces the nutritional value of food. Organically grown fruit and vegetables is “less likely to have been contaminated with pesticides or grown in soil that is depleted in nutrients. Particularly magnesium, although people don’t need a lot of magnesium in their diet, they do need some. That seems to be one of the first things that suffer in soils that are not looked after properly. They’ve relied on heavy use of fertilizers to grow the produce, this is the farmers, and these fertilizer kill the soil really, the soil is not healthy, so you’re not getting the nutrients when things are growing.” Overuse of glyphosate for example destroys the microbes in the soil, and Dr Kaufman emphasises the need for trace minerals and notes that macro-minerals are definitely deficient in people with poor diets. The soil may be proficient in some minerals but not containing the full compliment of nutrients required for healthy living; the answer in this case is to “re-mineralise the soil.” Supplements need to be treated with caution, as many can’t easily be absorbed by the body, they aren’t recommended when they can be gotten from foods. Dr Kaufman says that “in addition to many of the preparations not being the right formulation, they also add binders and excipients and capsule materials; and those things are just for the ease of manufacture, they don’t add anything to the nutritional value and actually if you take enough of them they can problems in of themselves. So I’ll give you an example, if you’re going to get a mineral supplement, if you have a mineral that is with a conjugated to a chelated amino acid like glycinate, for example magnesium glycinate, which is based on the amino acid glycine, that is going to be a more bio-available form.” But he also recommends getting minerals from natural sources, endorsing molasses as a magnesium supplement (“black-strapped molasses if it’s unsulfured”); “one tablespoon in a glass of water daily and you’re getting a nice balance of macro-minerals to supplement without the need to take any pills or tablets.” He also thinks many people are deficient in cholesterol and collagen, both essential to the body, particularly the brain, it only being oxidised cholesterol that is a problem. Every membrane of every cell in the body is made of cholesterol, amounting to around 90% of the brain’s dried weight, and it synthesises many cell hormones. Cholesterol oxidisation in any part of the body will damage the organs and tissues and is a primal cause of all illness. High-density lipoprotein (HDL) is considered to be the good cholesterol, and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) the bad cholesterol.

Vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals are what’s required to maintain good health. Lowering salt and sugar is common health advice, but of course all sugar is not the same, and can be derived from a healthy source like fruit. Fructose by itself isn’t so healthy, but in fruit it’s combined in a matrix of fibre, minerals and phytochemicals, so its broken down slowly by the body and released slowly into the blood; unlike refined sugars, produced even in blended fruit juices. Too much refined sugars can cause oxidative stress and harm “endocrine regulation of sugar metabolism, because our pancreas would secrete insulin when sugar enters our blood, in order that sugar is taken up by cells so that it can be utilised to make energy, but when it’s so sudden and steep a rise it overshoots and a little too much insulin comes out, and then your sugar goes a little bit too low, and that’s when you get like a little bit irritated and hungry…and you might not behave very well you’re in that state and then you’re hungry again and what do you do, you go and eat more sugar and the vicious cycle kind of continues, and it has behavioural effects and metabolic and physiologic effects for causing disease,” says Dr Kaufman. Nature packages food in a healthy, holistic way that is easily assimilated by the body.

It’s largely chemicals that upset the body. Tap water alone contains all sort of toxic additives, ranging from fluoride to chlorine and ammonia. The filtration systems at the mains water supply is also not as good as it should be, meaning there’s also “effluent from pharmaceutical companies and industrial places.” David Parker also points out these chemicals come from the “air we breath, through industrial pollutants in the air, even geoengineering,” as well as agriculture, which uses “pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.” Along with unhealthy soils, crop spraying can drift a long way, resulting in a farm being contaminated from miles around the surrounding area. Other chemicals derive from “cosmetics and personal care products,” like “parabens, farlev, and halites,” the latter two being endocrine disruptors. Clothes too contain body pollutants, “dyes and plasticisers…synthetic fibres, some of it may be with GM cotton.” Natural organic fibres are the most healthy, hemp (also a superfood) being one of the most breathable for pores. Synthetic fibres containing plastics leech various chemicals that act as endocrine disruptors, especially affecting sex hormones. Many of these listed chemicals are carcinogenic and have other harmful effects. Supermarkets make all their profits from processed foods which are loaded with such chemicals.

Hydrocarbons derived from petroleums like hexane are used to manufacture meat substitute products like tofu, seitan and soy. Foods often consumed by vegans as a protein source but which are amongst the most toxic and unhealthy foods on the market. David Parker and Dawn Lester do recommend a vegan plant-based diet but based on natural sources. Dr Theo Colborn’s book Our Stolen Future highlights the amount of endocrine disrupting hydrocarbons and chemicals increasingly contained in food, again noting the ill affects on the reproduction system. Dawn Lester states that “it was only very, very recently that they started testing any chemicals for any kind of effects on the endocrine system, but the endocrine system is what affects the original development growth, that’s where all new life starts, and so if that’s affected that can really cause terrible disruption. And for unborn children obviously that’s where you get birth defects.” Safety standards are largely based on dosages, but the only truly safe level for any poison is absolutely zero, it’s still going to have some detrimental effect that may just take longer to notice. David Parker adds: “Particularly with the endocrine system, the hormone releases are tiny, tiny amounts…they’re such tiny amounts that it doesn’t require much of these toxic chemicals to completely disrupt the hormone excretions from these ductless glands, which is the endocrine system.” Dr Kaufman says: “This applies to pharmaceuticals as well, because pharmaceuticals are generally poisons. In order to determine what they say is a safe dose, they do these assays usually with animals, where they give different doses to the animals and then they see what dose do 50% of the animals die; and they call that the LD 50 (lethal dose, 50%). They only calculate that, so let’s say we have drug X and we say at 100 milligrams 50% of the animals die, so we’ll just say, we’ll give 10 milligrams; but they don’t go and look at what is the LD 0, what is the lowest dose that no animals die, and wouldn’t that be the safe dose? Instead we’re just guessing somewhere below 50%, so that means some people are going to die, most likely not 0%, and we consider that to be a reasonable thing, at least the FDA does in terms of their toxicity standards. And this why we have a minimum of 128,000 people in the United States dying from prescription drugs and that’s when they’re taken as directed, so not misused, no mistakes.” Compelling studies demonstrating endocrine disruptors are dismissed by the EPA. The safest source of food is to grow it for one’s self, next to sourcing it from local organic farms which can be personally inspected and relationships formed or broken by their own standards.

There’s a frequent perception that inflammation is the cause of disease, but according to David Parker: “Inflammation is a natural process of the body. It’s an increase in blood supply to a particular injured part…it’s not something to be inhibited or to worry about…you shouldn’t do it actually. If you’ve got an injury and it becomes red it may even immobilise the joint, let’s say you’d fallen and cracked your knee or something like that, and you get inflammation so it goes red and may stiffen up so you can’t move it up very much, these are natural processes of the body healing itself; it’s trying to restrict the movement while the knee heals, it has increased the blood supply – hence so called inflammation, but this is not a bad thing; it is only if it went on for a long time, which means the healing process is not working, that you might need to do something about it, but certainly in the initial stages inflammation it’s a natural thing.” Correlation doest not equal causation, instead inflammation is a reaction to a disease rather than its cause. Inflammation can cause some of the symptoms of a disease, such as the sensory pain signal from aggravated pressure, but this is a vital consequence and again shouldn’t be inhibited by a toxic pharmaceutical, unless totally unbearable, in which case it should be done for as short a period of time as possible. There are many other healthier methods of relieving pain, including simply drinking plenty of water, or applying ice to the injured area which numbs the pain, there’s also detoxifying caster-oil packs. Toxic pharmaceutical drugs can compound health problems and create a vicious medication cycle.

Auto-immune diseases are blamed for a lot of illnesses, but there’s no scientific proof for the body attacking itself. “Many of these auto-immune diseases never existed before the last 50 or 75 years,” according to Dr Kaufman. And it’s obvious that the body didn’t just suddenly become stupid and start attacking itself. That however is another handy narrative for the pharmaceutical industry to push. The body is highly complex and full of wisdom and capable of maintaining healthy if properly cared for. In multiple sclerosis (MS), “where the myelin sheath of the nerves gets damaged, there’s quite a bit of information that shows various chemicals that can do that. And I think aspartame is one of them.” “Dr Russell Blaylock said that it should never have been allowed. If had been investigated properly then it would have been banned. It should never have been allowed onto the market and yet it’s in so many soft drinks and so many people are drinking this toxic thing.” Toxic substances are determined to be the cause of all auto-immune diseases studied by David Parker and Dawn Lester. MS and other cases of metal toxicity can be treated through cleansing and detoxification techniques, covered in Ann Boroch’s book Healing Multiple Sclerosis. The Gerson Therapy protocol and the Candida Protocol are two popular cleansing methods.

Antibodies are another factor related to germ theory that is a little understood science mired in dubious claims. They are certainly not as unique to specific to molecules as most people think, rather there’s substantial cross-reactivity involved. One function Dr Kaufman thinks is real is “that they actually just find foreign substances that may be in our body from a variety of sources, like most simply when you get a cut, then foreign things come into your body. When you eat food foreign things come into your body, so it’s happening on a regular basis, when you breath the air foreign things are coming in. And antibodies may be able to bind to some of those foreign things, and then bring them to our lymph nodes where they can be recognised, and then maybe there’s some kind of decision that occurs, is this something harmful or not; if it’s harmful then maybe there’s a response to it; but the antibody itself doesn’t do anything more, it just binds something and then it just floats around until there’s another cell that has a receptor that can take the antibody and then do something with it.” “I think actually the way it might work is because an antibody is a protein, it’s not more complex than that, it’s just one molecule, it’s a big molecule with complexity but it’s one molecule, and I think it may interact with the exosome system; because if the antibody binds something, and then one side of the body it binds foreign substances, they call that the variable region, and that’s why you can have different antibodies that bind to different things, because the sequence of that variable region changes; but on the other side, and antibodies are kind of shaped like a Y and it’s the two little arms that have the variable region at the end, the stem of the Y at the bottom has the constant region or the Fc (Fragment, crystallizable); and that is common to all antibodies. So the cells that the antibody can interact with they have a receptor for that constant region so that they can take up the antibody and then see what is attached to it, to sort of see what to do. And then those cells may create exosomes in response to that, which may serve as signalling properties to give communication to other parts of the body, and then also may actually gobble up toxic materials if there are any recognised to be present. Exosomes have also been found to interact with the immune system by having what’s known as MHC receptors on them; it’s called major histocompatibility complex, it’s what is used to match a donor for an organ transplant. I think that the whole immune system issue is definitely sold to us in this warfare paradigm, along with germ theory, that it’s just to fight invaders, but it’s really much more of a surveillance, communication and logistics system. It finds out what’s going on and undergoes operations to if there’s a problem to contain it or manage it. It’s directing different functions to go on here based on the body’s physiological needs, but it’s not a militarised organ.” David Parker and Dawn Lester don’t even like to use the term “immune system” because they regard it as another misnomer. “Vaccinations of course are based on the fact, or supposed fact, that the body has this immune system which can be sort of boosted up in some way by vaccinations, and the body doesn’t work that way. The body has what we like to call a health system, yes its got various things for removing toxins or even parasites if some enter the body, with nitric oxide and things like that. So it has got lots of things that it can use but it’s the normal body functioning, there’s nothing you can do to the body, certainly not through a vaccination which boosts it up…the only thing you can do is have a healthy body so it functions properly and that’s the best thing to do, and the only thing you can do.” In German New Medicine they reclassify the immune system as the support system. Vitamin C, which isn’t produced in the human body (though it is in animals) and must be obtained from food, isn’t a boost for the “immune system” but a potent antioxidant that helps detoxify free radicals. Food in its natural packaging is compiled with other elements in a synergistic way that makes all its constituents complimentary to each other and far more effective than taking them as a stand-alone. Vitamin C works best with its other naturally combined elements, much like magnesium is needed in the body for the absorption of calcium into the bones. It’s pointless (and actually dangerous) taking high doses of calcium when deficient in magnesium. Making concentrating on a single assimilate futile. Again it’s a narrative that is profitable for the pharmaceutical industry, as if they can purify a component of a plant and produce it synthetically in a factory then it can be patented. If we start treating disease as a cause and effect, instead of feeling like helpless observers, then we can adopt preventative measures against diseases, eliminating all toxins from our diet and environment.

Some of the most common traditional health treatments include: exercise, breathing techniques, herbs (marijuana in limited clinical trials has been shown to limit tumour growth, with a lot of anecdotal accounts of benefits from potent THC and CBD oils, such as the Rick Simpson Oil), hydrotherapy (comprising of internal and external treatments, ranging from drinking clean mineral or distilled water to bathing), fasting (water or juice fasting aids detoxification, often followed by an elimination diet if trying to overcome a disease), enemas, hot and cold theraphies, grounding, sun-gazing, aromatherapy, chiropractic type treatments (evolving anciently from bonesetting techniques), acupuncture (shown to be beneficial in cancer treatments), massage, meditation, yoga (stretching) and tai-chi, relaxation techniques (such as trauma release exercises (TRE)), hypnosis, music and sound therapy (using Tibetan or crystal bowls or tuning forks etc., or in modern medicine pertaining to lithotripsy and ultrasound therapies). The effects of sound frequencies on physical matter has been known for a long time and can be seen in the study of cymatics, using salt and water to generate symmetrical geometric fields at harmonic resonances. Tesla famously reduced the world down to energy, frequency and vibration. Thoughts are often divided into positive (loving) or negative (fearful) intentions, and recent studies into epigenetics (vividly demonstrated by the massively underappreciated placebo effect phenomena) demonstrate how thought patterns affect the physical body. A human body composed of water and 12 mineral salts, relating to the ancient outlook of medical astrology covered in George W. Carey’s The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation. Hippocrates, the “Father of Medicine” deemed that: “A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician.” Delving into the symbol of the alchemist’s caduceus, depicting mercury in the form of a spinal column and two snakes coiling around it, representing the sensory and motor neurons, and the cerebrospinal fluid travelling up from the sacrum to the brain’s ventricular system, within the two hemispheres of the cerebrum. The winged mercury is archetypal of the higher mind and pineal gland, conjoining the philosophical salt and sulphur – respectively relaying the holistic concept of mind, body and soul. Cerebrospinal fluid releases the psychochemical signals and proteins into the blood, transmitted around the central nervous system, connected by the spinal chord. It is composed of 99% water and 1% potassium, and responsible for physical behaviours and brain to cell communication, creating toxicity dissolving oils, glucose, protein amino-acids, enzymes, hormones, and antibodies, etc.. Generating the healing corpuscles from the spleen, carrying nutrients and air to all the body’s cells, and forming its blood, lymph and nerve endings. A modern treatment used for cancer and other ailments is the Theraphi, “a powerful double conjugate plasma light/infrasound bioactive field.” “The actual plasma tube arrangement used for this ‘time reverse/rejuvenation’ conjugation is depicted with remarkable accuracy in the Egyptian stone carving, It is phase conjugate, centripetal , negentropic. This kind of strong charge field is by definition simply the electrical opposite of swelling, cyst and tumor growth. It IS this charge distribution efficiency perfected by definition- which is the electrical opposite of cancer. Theraphi – usually generates strong feelings of being energized, metabolic acceleration, circulation and sensation increase.” “With proven frequency emissions known and measured- it uses a high voltage version of a special aligned plasma lamp pair- to stimulate.” This device which is still undergoing testing describes that “it accelerates metabolism and heart rate- and brings sacral cranial spine liquid pumping to still point (turning point for healing in many cases).” Recommending “modest 3 minute sessions” so sleepiness doesn’t occur, with many reporting feelings of bliss and euphoria. “The Theraphi Plasma System integrates the research of Raymond Royal Rife’s healing frequencies from the 1930’s, Nikola Tesla’s non-invasive scalar wave electrotherapy from the 1920’s, Antoine Priore’s electromagnetic healing technology from the 1960’s and ’70’s, and Georges Lakhovsky, a Russian physicist, who in 1925, while living in France, integrated the research of the three aforementioned pioneers.” More recently Dr Anthony Holland also found that resonant frequencies could shatter cancer cells and other diseased cells, while leaving all the healthy cells in tact, unlike radiation therapy or chemotherapy; asserting that cancer was vulnerable between 100,000 Hz – 300,000 Hz. Albert Roy Davis and Walter C. Rawls documented a high rate of success in experiments utilising the separate poles of a magnet for healing and reversing cancer, cited in The Magnetic Blueprint of Life. Magnets (lodestones) are another ancient form of healthcare used by Hippocrates. Described thousands of years ago by the Hindus, and then the Chinese in “The Yellow Emperor’s Book of Internal Medicine”, with evidence that they were used regularly by the Egyptians.

In modern medicine’s inoculation methods, vaccines contain a small dose of the accused microbial disease causing agent, its toxins, or surface proteins, and this is said to stimulate an immune-response which generates a protective antibody that entails immunity against the disease. In the case of COVID-19, as it has never been isolated, the vaccines being developed are a “DNA vaccine,” meaning it doesn’t pertain to the whole pathogen or a fragment of it as is conventional, but uses a tiny portion of the DNA or RNA genetic code attributed to COVID-19 as an antigen. However, knowing that the RNA sequence linked to COVID-19 is found within 100% of the population, means that it’s an integral part of human biology, that we’d presumably die without, so there can be no antibody that the body produces naturally to entirely protect against it. The only method of lowering the prevalence of this RNA sequence would be to lessen the conditions under which it proliferates, or, as covered earlier, to lower the magnification levels of the RT-PCR tests to dupe the public into believing that a specific treatment was successful. The relatively new and experimental DNA vaccines can be assisted by an injection procedure involving microporation. Electroporation applies a rapidly pulsed electrical field (PEF) to the cells to open little pores in the cell membrane, increasing permeability to the chemicals, drugs, or DNA/RNA introduced into it. This can either use a special syringe with 3 needles, the middle one being the substance, and the two side ones the electrodes; or, it can possibly be done using wireless PEF technology. DNA vaccines have led to criticisms of “genetic modification” as it follows a similar procedure as is applied to genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This concern is challenged by doctors involved in the vaccine industry who say that GMOs require foreign genes to be injected directly into the cell nucleus, otherwise if that cell divides it still only includes a person’s natural DNA without foreign genetics. In an interview with journalist Spiro Skouras, Dr Kaufman countered this claim by pointing toward a research article on Medscape written by Michael McDonnell MD and Frederirck K. Ashkari MD called The Emerging Role of DNA Vaccines, which explains how DNA vaccines are used to insert genetic material (the plasmid vector) into the nucleus; necessarily so, because it’s within the nucleus that DNA is turned into RNA, which can’t happen within the cytoplasm of the cell membrane. Dr Kaufman cites other research published by the Department of Ophthalmology at the Harvard Medical School, titled, Advancing Novel Experimental Gene-based COVID-19 Vaccine, AAVCOVID, which inserts the COVID-19 genetic material into an adeno-associated viral (AAV) vector. According the paper Adenovirus DNA Replication, produced by the Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology, a peer-reviewed journal, adenoviruses “replicate in the nucleus.” Although the “spike-protein” genetic material inserted into the nucleus will divide into daughter cells, “it won’t be in the offspring,” meaning those vaccinated won’t pass it down onto their children. Except in the case of the genetic altering technologies such as CRISPR-Cas9: Gene Drives, in which a genetic material sequence is derived from a bacteria said to be insertable into specific locations within a person’s chromosomes, replacing that portion of the present genetic material; “Cas9 is an enzyme that helps carry that out.” The stated goal of this technology is to “insert a foreign gene into a host organism,” which is desired to be passed down to future generations, becoming a part of the bloodline. If successful, such permanent genetics editing procedures would threaten the future of humanity when combined with mandatory vaccinations. The American Journal of Reproductive Immunology in 2011 wrote the paper Antisperm Contraceptive Vaccines: Where we are and where we are going?, discussing its success in blocking the reproductive fertility in male animals. On the female side, another clinical trial conducted in 1997 is covered in a paper titled, The HSD-hCG Vaccine Prevents Pregnancy in Women: Feasibility Study of a Reversible Safe Contraceptive Vaccine, which claims success in preventing pregnancies in women “by creating antibodies to hCG…the molecule you test for in a pregnancy test.” Another more recent paper from 2014, Development of antifertility vaccines using sperm specific proteins, is “about creating immunity against the sperm to develop infertility.” Dr Kaufman worries that such “contraceptive” sterilisation measures could be added by an unscrupulous vaccine manufacturer to the long list of undisclosed ingredients contained within vaccines, urged on by a ruling class constantly espousing aspirations of “population reduction.”

Much controversy and confusion has arisen from governments mandating the wearing of face masks. There have been relatively few scientific studies carried on the efficiency of wearing masks, even in relation to the spread of viruses. Apart from a of couple studies with flawed procedures, those that exist found that they provide no protection overall. This is because there’s no real evidence for germ and contagion theories in the first place, though plenty against them. During the Spanish influenza epidemic, the United States Public Health Service (USPHS) set about attempting to prove viral contagion. First, they took the bodily secretion fluids from patients suffering from influenza and had others ingest it, but none got sick. Having them cough up and sneeze to spit out mucus, or swabbing their eyeballs. Next, they took these same fluids and injected others with it, and still none of them got sick. Finally, they tried to simulate a more natural form of transmission by having sick patients breath into others mouths for prolonged periods while they inhaled, and yet again none got sick. The mesh grid on the masks suddenly being recommended aren’t even anywhere near small enough to catch a viral particle (measured to be 80 – 140 nanometre) so they’re not providing any protection at all and can do more harm than good. Our bodies natural detoxification cycle is to breath in fresh air and release toxins in the outward exhale, so particularly if a person already suffers from a disease they are recycling toxic air into their system. Masks obviously obstruct anybody’s breathing and those who have repository conditions especially can be at health risk from prolonged mask usage, even hypoxia (blood oxygen saturation) or hypercapnia in extreme cases, if using tight fitting repository masks like the N95 (currently only recommended by the CDC for health care workers). Blood oxygen saturation levels under 90% are classified as dangerous, which are measured using a pulse oximeter. Tests conducted by The Highwire showed many face coverings fall into this category. The material masks are made out of can also be inhaled into the lungs, which in many cases include HEPA filters made from fibreglass. Cloth masks or face coverings that get covered in a toxic contaminate will result in its wearer breathing in that toxic substance for a prolonged period rather than being exposed to it just for a brief moment; made especially worse by the likelihood of the mask being reused without being washed for long periods of time. The stated purpose of the mask is totally voided by the fact that most people who aren’t used to them find them uncomfortable and will therefore fidget with them and end up touching their face even more than they would normally. A lack of air also raises blood acidity levels, creating a breeding ground for cancer, as Dr Otto Warburg established: “Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause. Summarized in a few words, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar. All normal body cells meet their energy needs by respiration of oxygen, whereas cancer cells meet their energy needs in great part by fermentation. All normal body cells are thus obligate aerobes, whereas all cancer cells are partial anaerobes. From the standpoint of the physics and chemistry of life this difference between normal and cancer cells is so great that one can scarcely picture a greater difference. Oxygen gas, the donor of energy in plants and animals is dethroned in the cancer cells and replaced by an energy yielding reaction of the lowest living forms, namely, a fermentation of glucose.” A decrease in air as well releases cortisol putting the body into fight or flight mode, shutting down normal immune response processes.

Psychologically, masks can also do tremendous damage, especially along with “social distancing,” as we’re creatures that do most our communication through bodily and facial expressions. Masks obviously severely negate speech and trust and even more so for the hearing impaired and young. Dr Sherri Tenpenny, president of the American Association of Health Freedom (AAHF), who is heading up the Coalition Against Mandatory Vaccination initiative, cites cruel studies done on babies in the United States in 1944 on 40 newborn infants, which was carried out to determine whether or not individuals could thrive alone without any affection, with solely their basic psychological needs catered to. They were placed alone in a crib and had caregivers who would only feed and bathe them and change their diapers. Instructed not to look or touch the babies more than necessary and never to communicate with them. Despite keeping their physical health and environmental conditions scrupulously sanitary, the experiment had to be halted after four months, due to half the infants dying by that point. At least two more dying after being rescued into a family setting. In the lead up to all their deaths, the caregivers noticed that they all stopped verbalising completely and made no more effort to engage with them, no longer crying or changing facial expressions – they’d “given up” and even being rescued by that stage didn’t help. New born babies rely almost solely on facial expressions to understand emotions and require touch and human interaction just to continue living – their nurturing is vital for survival. Face masks alone eliminate facial expressions and could rapidly lead to babies developing anxiety issues. During this experiment a control group of 20 infants were raised separately in a facility that also provided affection, and as expected, none of the infants died and kept psychologically and physically healthy.

Quarantining and social isolation also so happens to be the first stages of cult indoctrination rituals, where it’s desirable to cut-off new recruits from outside influences and to exert group peer pressure. Both bits of advice founded on science plucked out of thin air. Masks are commonly used as a disguise and also play an important role in ritualistic ceremonies. Involving an artist, a mask wearer, and a spectator. Their purpose is to both to conceal identities and invoke specific emotions, unique to each perspective, be it pleasure or awe as entertainment, or terror and fear as an intimidation tactic. Masks were employed by slave masters primarily to torture and instil fear and a sense of speechlessness and muteness. Public shaming and demonisation of others is another cult tactic, actually recommended by SAGE advisors, that has been used throughout this pandemic, in some areas even over as petty an issue as mask wearing, objected to by many for far more reasonable and scientific reasons than those demanding it. Guidance from the WHO on June 1st said: “there is currently no evidence that wearing a mask (whether medical or other types) by healthy persons in the wider community setting, including universal community masking, can prevent them from infection with respiratory viruses, including COVID-19.” Dr Anthony Fauci, despite now flip-flopping on the issue, was also interviewed in March and said: “Right now in the United States, people should not be wandering about in masks…there is no reason to be walking around with a mask. When you’re in the middle of an outbreak wearing a mask might make people feel a little better, it might even block a droplet, but it’s not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is. And often, there are unintended consequences, people keep fiddling with the mask and they keep touching their face…when you think of masks you should of health care providers needing them and people who are ill.” On April 1st the New England Journal of Medicine as well advised: “wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection,” but has since made it clear that it promotes them in “sustained interactions within closed environments.” The CDC also changed its mind, apparently on the basis of six statistical reports from within the last couple of months. But the scientific evidence invalidating germ theory, contagion theory, and COVID-19 itself, places any such statistical analysis on a baseless foundation. Even the WHO still says: “if you are healthy, you only need to wear a mask if you are taking care of a person with Covid-19.” “If you wear a mask, then you must know how to use it and dispose of it properly.” They also admitted that asymptomatic people “very rarely” spread this claimed virus. Young children, elderly people with cognitive problems, and those with breathing difficulties like asthma are specifically advised not to wear masks. Everyone unable to medically tolerate masks is exempt from wearing them even in mandated legislations. Nobody who feels their own physical or mental health is compromised should consent to having their human rights violated. This can include the very real issues of raised anxiety levels and likelihood of depression, or disorientation and headaches. When the scientific evidence behind wearing masks is so overwhelmingly that they’re ineffective and even harmful then the only other conclusion is that their purpose is for “obedience training.” SAGE, the team advising on the UK government’s response to COVID-19, is mainly made up of behavioural psychologists, and their own documents outright admit that the psychological damage being inflicted on the British public by its response measures are a carefully calculated and deliberate ploy; advocating an exaggeration of the dangers to unjustifiably ramp up fear levels and terrorise people into compliance. Demanding obedience to increasingly more ridiculous and liberty eroding rules, with zero real scientific basis or democratic oversight, making a mockery and traitor out of an already hugely corrupted legal system. Mask proponents are not only nonsensically contradictory but the laws behind such mandates are often unconstitutional, as is any full-out restriction on the freedom of movement or the right to assembly and free association of national citizens. As shown in Ireland where the most draconian police powers to impose fines or jail sentences over their “guidance” and “advice” were revoked. Lord Sumption, Justice of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, also disputes the UK lockdown’s legality. Freedom of speech (and of thought), the first amendment of the US constitution, is another basic inalienable right necessitating a constantly vigilant defence from attack.

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