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The lesser known symptom of Covid 19. Sanctimony.

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I wanted to write about something other than Covid 19 today. Anything, ANYTHING. But here I am again sat in my kitchen with the backdoor open listening to the neighbours “making the best of things” when my thoughts turn to one of the more little acknowledged symptoms of Covid 19. Sanctimony.

“Nobody has died from sitting on their couch”

Doesn’t that make your piss boil in your bladder? It does me and I see it all the time. See, I’m not a “Covid is a hoax” kind of guy but these people seem to honestly believe that the lock down is some sort of mechanism for beating the disease and that we should all be able to manage a prolonged lock down because how hard can it be to sit in the house, watch Netflix, and eat pizza? Well, I’m sure it might be reasonable for some of them but let’s take a look at the reality.

What about the mental health issues? People locked in isolation who can’t handle being alone? Those without a garden and are terrified of going to the park because of a fear of the virus and a fear of being belittled and accused of being worse than Hitler by sanctimonious pricks on the Internet? How many people facing mental health issues without their care or routine being available will lose their fight or struggle more?

What about domestic violence. Now more popular than ever given women are almost literally locked in the house with their abusers without hardly any respite. And as tensions and frustrations grow so too will the level of abuse. How many battered women (and some men, and many children) can we write off as collateral damage against the Covid 19 virus?

What about those about to lose their businesses? Yes, the government talked the talked but it appears it’s all very selective as to who gets to walk the walk. How many businesses can we afford to lose? How many lives ruined? I have seen the argument put forward “You can rebuild your business, you can’t come back from the dead” more than once, clearly put forward by people who have no realistic idea of what it takes or how you can be crushed completely by your hopes, dreams, and hard work being snuffed out.

“But the government is giving everyone money, you just have to apply” they cry. Safe in the knowledge they won’t have to be number 74,000 in the queue to receive Universal Credit. They won’t have to figure out how to live on drastically reduced means. Nor will they have to wrap their heads around being a given a loan to tide you over the period of none payment which you will have to repay from your meagre benefits.

Smug, sanctimonious, middle class arseholes sat on the Internet telling people to take that three month rent holiday (repayable) as if it’s just a matter of clicking your fingers all the time desperate to tell everyone else how well they lock down and complaining incessantly about others who might not be as accomplished, often demanding “harsher measures” in dealing with those who transgress whatever they believe are essential reasons for venturing outside.

So, on behalf of the poor, the needy, the ill, the desperate, the beaten and abused, those who have lost jobs, those who have lost businesses, those that simply sit in fear of losing their means of income. On behalf of those who simply want to know about an exit strategy without some prick asking “Is it so hard to sit on your couch and watch Netflix?” I say this. Fuck you, you dreadfully smug prick. I hope you never have to find yourself I the position so many others have because you’d be fucking unbearable demanding others understand your pain. I detest you.

Right, I’m going to sit on the couch and watch Netflix. You do whatever you need to do. Stay safe and stay well.


What do you think?

Written by Hayden Hewitt

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Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead!! ” But I’M NOT DEAD YET!”

I’m not a doctor but…Trump gets technical.

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