The Problem With Tech Censorship or Why Sam Harris Is A Massive Plonker

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“PrIvAtE cOmPaNiEs CaN dO wHaT tHeY wAnT” says the “libertarian socialist they/them” on twitter

“The first amendment just means the government can’t criminalise your speech” says the redditer who got someone fired for an opinion after doxxing them.

“I still believe that it should have happened years ago and that we’ve paid a terrible price for the delay. But for the moment, all I want to say is: Thanks, @jack” says Sam Harris, the man people have numerously tried to cancel for being an islamophobic atheist hate spreader.

What these people are excusing, of course, is twitter banning Donald Trump’s personal account off their platform. Essentially, a big tech corporation whose business revolves around a platform that enables discussions for anyone across the world decided to banish the democratically-elected leader of the most influential nation on planet Earth from freely speaking to anyone across the world.

Now, the point made about private companies being able to set their own rules actually does have truth to it. For example, twitter allows adult content to be shared, whereas a similar platform that was designed for children would have much stricter rules about what can be shared for obvious reasons, and that is how it should be. The key issue here is that they are censoring someone because they FEEL he’s dangerous, not because he’s breached guidelines by posting pedophilia (something which twitter seems strangely slow to deal with, have to prioritise what “danger” to address I suppose eh).

What the people supporting the ban don’t realise yet is that they can just as easily come for them, what is happening here is a big tech now have the power to decide which elected governmental leaders can communicate with their public on their main platform for doing so. People like Sam Harris will inevitably be outraged when the chickens come home to roost and he falls victim to the increasingly draconian rules, and he isn’t even elected by anyone except himself.

This happened due to the rioting and trespassing into the capitol building from Trump supporters and other political dissidents, despite the fact Trump himself clearly did not support it and called for arrests. It’s essentially the same as punching a pig in the face because your aunt got cancer from eating too much processed bacon.

The public stepped out of line and the authoritarians from all corners snapped. So what does this all mean going forward?

Essentially the lines between corporations and governments are becoming increasingly blurred. This de-platforming of Trump on twitter isn’t the only thing happening lately. Apple are threatening to ban rival app parler if they don’t start censoring users in a similar way, Zuckerberg is increasingly intruding into people’s private data and lately facebook-owned whatsapp will also start to data farm, all wrongthinkers must be purged from usage on all platforms presumably. And when google and apple have basically monopolised the market, this creates a tangible restriction on free expression, the next step is ISPs banning websites that people are pushed onto, which I expect will start happening very soon.

Twitter of course has failed to do anything about the Chinese embassy tweeting bout how their genocidal concentration camps of forced sterilisation and re-education are good actually because the women apparently come out feeling more independent (whilst being therefore completely dependant on the state) because it involves much of the same woke propaganda and furthers the gradual merger of secular wokism and governmental power, which these companies know benefits them from a venture capitalism standpoint.

The future will be of a monopolised corporate globalist dystopia where governments and corporations become one and the same, speech becomes limited for the greater good of the perpetual power and meanwhile the good citizens get a nice pod with more premium quality bug burgers, and more corp dollars to consoom products.

Many of us who oppose all this often call it a left-wing plot, whereas in reality it’s woke capitalism using leftist doctrine to further their own power, but that’s for another time. This was just a brief whinge.

The easy thing to do for anyone who believes in the genuine threat of this kind of censorship now would be to leave twitter and join one of the other echo-chambered copycat platforms, but that’s just losing the battle and retreating to your own bubble, something we accuse others of too often and that fails to achieve anything tangible other than cede mainstream ground to all normie progressives and liberals who sing the tune of the oppressors thinking they all sing it like Lisa Gerrard but really sound like a crowd of a million NPCs shouting “we are all individuals”

Be the person in that crowd who says “I’m not” and then the battle might not yet be over.


What do you think?

Written by undissided

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Never pointless having an opinion in my view lmao.
I also agree like lastdance with the thrust of article. Well said part as well.


Although I disagree with many of the points made I agree with the overall thrust of the article. Well said!


I also want to thank you for writing the article, this is the kind of stuff I love to read. I hope you get bored again 😉

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