‘Twas the summer of 2020 in Ireland!

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Before I start I just want to throw a disclaimer out there, I’m by no means an expert on anything (I’m not a writer either), I’m just a man with a laptop and a head full of opinions, some may agree with my points, some may not.  That’s cool, it’s why I think AltFeed is one for the future, if we can come together, rationally discuss our viewpoints, debate and even respectfully disagree with one another (something short form social media doesn’t really seem to achieve) without going down the “Nazi fascists off our streets” avenue then maybe there is hope for a less “they who scream the loudest scream the truth” world.  With that said, lets give this a go.

I joined AltFeed as I don’t really see the benefits of short-form social media anymore. It’s become a one-sided debate where sounding virtuous wins on merit of “sure aren’t you just a lovely person”.  It’s not a feasible means of discussion/debate, IMO it’s impossible to share your views within a 260 character limit.

I’m Irish and at the moment we have a push towards a “leftist society” (a common theme in the Western World).  In the last few months we’ve been bombarded by our media elites about how our country is a racist country, a homophobic country and how anyone with a differing viewpoint to the establishments way of thinking is a “far-right fascist nazi”.  Sounds familiar, doesn’t it.  It’s the most disingenuous of terms, thrown about like confetti by those who want to get their own way without really discussing the issues around them.

Only last weekend there was a march arranged by what our MSM would have you believe to be “far right fascists”, the topic at hand, paedophilia.  This all came about when our new Minister for Children, Roderic O’Gorman, was found to have ties to Peter Thatchall.  As many people outside of Ireland were already aware, Peter Thatchall is a LGBT+ rights campaigner with some pretty questionable views. While I don’t doubt that he has done some good work in the past, to me, he’s not a person who should have any sort of skin in the LGBT+ circle.  Any person who believes:

“The positive nature of some child–adult sexual relationships is not confined to non-Western cultures. Several of my friends – gay and straight, male and female – had sex with adults from the ages of nine to 13. None feel they were abused. All say it was their conscious choice and gave them great joy. While it may be impossible to condone paedophilia, it is time society acknowledged the truth that not all sex involving children is unwanted, abusive and harmful.” 

isn’t worthy of public acclaim in my eyes.  Even if he believes, as he has stated, paedophilia is wrong, statements such as those leave the door open for people with those sort of tendencies to argue for their “acceptance”, something I’ve witnessed on social media (Twitter) recently.  If it was me or any other regular “Joe Soap” or “Jane Doe” making these Thatchall-like statements we’d be made Pariahs in our communities and rightly so.  I can’t get my head around some peoples acceptance and defense of some of Thatchalls views.  As recent as 2016 he was named as winner of the James Joyce Award and the recipient of an Honorary Fellowship from University College Dublin.  His views have been known for decades.  Our own media was silent on the issue ( for a week) up until our MfC released a statement in which he distanced himself from Thatchalls views but also brushed off any concerns about his ties to him as a “homophobic attack” on him (Our MfC is gay, not that it matters).  This has raised more questions as to how fit for office our MfC is.

This wasn’t helped by our medias immediate (silence for a week and then toe the line) dismissal of any criticism of our MfC as a homophobic attack.  While I agree that there was an element of homophobia from some people, the vast majority of people just want to protect children and see the danger in Thatchalls statements.  The same media who were silent for a week were all of a sudden releasing article after article about how RoG was a victim of a hate campaign. The only exception to that was Niall Boylan who interviewed Thatchall live and asked the difficult questions that no other station was willing to ask.  You can listen to that interview here: .

People now want RoG to stand down as they feel his ignorance of peoples justified fears was a step too far.  I can’t say I disagree with them.  It’s not good optics for a man who had only been in his position a week.  While I don’t believe RoG holds Thatchalls views around paedophilia I don’t think he helped his own case by brushing the publics concerns aside.

Another issue raised at the ‘March for Innocence’ was RoGs first “mission” as MfC.  It isn’t ending child poverty (1 in 5 children (330,000) in Ireland live in poverty), it isn’t ending child homelessness (3000 children are homeless in Ireland), it is allowing 16 year olds to receive the right to transition (with parental/guardian permission).  While I’m all for people doing as they want in life this has struck me as a weird first “port of call” for any MfC.  Transitioning to a trans-man or trans-woman should be something that is available to adults and not children/teens.  There are many people out there that will disagree with this sentiment but, as with any subject, you will always find people to disagree with you.  I feel that my view is fully justified.  These are life changing decisions, irreversible in many cases, that should wait until adulthood.

I don’t consider myself “far right” for holding these views, no more than I consider someone who disagrees with “kicking all foreigners out” is “far-left” (i don’t agree with that sort of view at all, although I have been admittedly harsh on them at times).  That’s a topic I might write about in another post.

The sooner we move away from labeling people we disagree with the sooner we can go back to discussing matters of huge importance without the lens of “us -v- them”.  Politics has become all too tribal. Much of this divide, certainly in Ireland, has been caused, IMO, by government funded NGO’s who, without the claims of widespread racism/homophobia/transphobia/(insert phobia of choice), would be out of a job.  Would you give up your source of income? Whenever people disagree with these organisations they whip out the buzzwords in order to stifle the debate, something we’ve witnessed across the West for quite some time now.  Let the people freely debate, there is always consensus in the end. The people lead the government, not the other way round.

With that being said, I think this is where I’ll leave this article, hopefully I don’t end up being labeled the “reincarnation of Hitler” for holding these views, not that it would bother me, that sort of rhetoric lost its value a long time ago.

Thanks for reading…


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*…it is time society acknowledged the truth that not all sex involving children is unwanted, abusive and harmful…*

No, just the opposite. It’s time to reaffirm in the strongest possible terms that *all* sex between adults and children is harmful and severely abusive. Harsh criminal penalties for the adult are appropriate in all such cases.


I agree with you, one thing though, ROG had some questionable ‘taste’ in his tweets and retweets so it isn’t just the PT connection that has me worried for my children.

una mcnamara

good article, very ably presenting the situation; clearly the advisers were working hard to spin the story; it also shows that we do not have an unbiased media (niall boylan a true exception) – the media are following the given storyline. The story is not yet finished…


Well said.

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