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Twitter has saved us from…QAnon?

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Twitter is a platform I enjoy very much, I’ve met some great people on there and I have many arguments and take no small amount of pleasure in the tears of bedwetters, but let’s take a closer look beyond my personal playground.

You have paedophiles openly shouting how proud they are, discussing age of preference, why the age of consent is bad for barring children from sexual pleasure, oh and they indulge in massive sharing of child porn. But that’s somehow overlooked. You have zoophiles talking about how they adore making love to their consenting partners, how it’s healthy and normal. That’s overlooked.

You have rampant racism, anti-semitism, Islamophobia, you have trans activists threatening women with physical harm. You have people denying science, abusing intersex people, abusing transsexuals. But that’s overlooked. Granted Twitter is on the ball swinging into action if you hurt someone’s feelings by misgendering them but they’ll look the other way if a random “Antifa” account doxxes someone claimed to be a “Nazi” becuase, hey, it’s okay to punch a Nazi! Or even anyone you decide is a Nazi because they have an opinion that isn’t so far left it would make Stalin cringe.

Yes, they overlook a hell of a lot of dangerous stuff but today they showed they have our best interests at heart. They have banned people with “Guy Fawkes” avatars who post a load of bullshit about politics. That’s right, Twitter have nuked QAnon from orbit so that we can all sleep safer in our beds at night. You can see the Tweet from @TwitterSafety HERE

I don’t know about you but having a bunch of political cosplayers on the site was making me terribly nervous. I was lying awake at night wondering what some random in Ohio thought Hilary Clinton might be up to. And when would the next amazing revelation turn up (well, they didn’t ever turn up did they. But let’s not have that get in the way of a good story!).

Many people are happy because there were undoubtedly some folks using QAnon as a front for their unpleasantness, but which group is immune to that if we’re honest? Furthermore this is a shocking own goal, when you’re in the middle of accusations of political interference and there’s a good chance you’ll see some serious challenges to your claim of being a platform and not a publisher in the future is it a good look to simply nuke thousands of Trump supporters?

I know how the game works, some reading this will now be convinced I support QAnon or Trump but the truth is I don’t have to support someone to point out when something’s amiss. Are you seriously going to sit there and tell me a bunch of political shitposters are somehow worse than what I mentioned above? If your answer is “yes” you really do need to have a word with yourself.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


What do you think?

Written by Hayden Hewitt

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After observing Twitter’s performance as a platform, I am more and more convinced that they are engaging in social manipulation. They support the people and issues that they want to see advance in society. I really believe that with this manipulation, Twitter, Facebook et al can quite easily influence the outcome of democratic elections.

I also think that Zuckerberg and Jack are meglomaniacs.


I don’t give a fuck about your puppy or your kitten or your fucking dinner. I come on SM to argue politics and laugh at idiots. Leave the idiots where they are. There’s fuck all else to laugh about.


Usually with these social media giants, they want people on their social media sites mainly so they can farm information for advertisers and other shady individuals. I wonder if that is why they are letting people get away with the shit that they are. Maybe sometime in the near future, that Twitter user who likes fiddling with children will have his messages etc used against them in a court but that’s my optimistic view. If that was the case though no accounts would be blocked.


I was angry when they took the mighty boosh down, it may be crappy comedy but it certainly wasn’t a case of them using blackface. it was dark green usually with polo mints for eyes. How fucking bizarre it’s still gone from Netflix.


QAnon is a gas. It’s so badly done it’s hilarious. It even starts out wrong because having the Q clearance wouldn’t give you access to any of he stuff Mr. Q is pretending to have. It’s an energy department clearance, it wouldn’t get you past the door of any of the agencies that *might* possess the material this guy is pretending to have. It all goes downhill from there. But ban them? Why? Whenever they post some new fantasy material smart people immediately dismantle the nonsense. That’s the power of free speech. Twitter is evil, run by people who are thrashing about acting irrationally from the raging fever of a particularly severe from of woke disease.

Stan Dardlamp

Twitter and Facebook are useless pieces of junk that should be closed down for the good of their users.


I was just having a similar argument on (wait for it) Twitter. Fuck not speaking out about what’s wrong when it’s against people you don’t agree with. It’s such a pussy move.
What people don’t get over and over and over is… this shit happens to ALL people at different times in history. Rarely do policies, ideas, power etc. stay consistent. Soon enough something will happen to somebody you do agree with and you’ll be fucking outraged like a bitch.
It’s a perfect judge of character, or lack there of

JOTELL: J oy O f T he E rratically L ived L ife

Status update: Freedom of speech is in critical condition, not expected to pull through