Twitter's shitter double standards default setting.

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I’m currently suspended on Twitter. 

While it’s totally fine to suggest that people lose their basic human rights because what is labelled as vaccine hesitancy. (truth is I’m not hesitant, I straight up do not want a vaccine, I’m in great shape for my age and have a great natural immunity) Call that person a cunt and it’s a different story. Truth is I went a bit further than just calling them a cunt and now that’s the reason my account is locked. Just the other day I was reading a tweet by this gamekeeper who was bragging about shooting cats on the land he manages. People’s pet cats by the way from a neighbouring housing estate. No breach of the rules even though he’s tweeting about murdering people’s pets. It’s like the paedophiles that Hayden discovered running groups on Twitter, it’s totally fine for them to set up networks for sharing information and who knows what else they share from their sick pursuits and Twitter just turns a blind eye to it all. It’s totally fine to think up whatever bullshit pronouns you want and having TRA’s attacking women. Go against the grain with anything related to that and you are in for a world of online abuse. And that is 100% fine on Twitter as long as they don’t use a C word or directly threaten anyone. There’s alternative sites that haven’t got the same kind of reach as the corporate giants of social media and I hear they haven’t got a big massive stick up their arse. 

Anyway I put in an appeal, openly admitted to any wrongdoing and hopefully I can get back on there and restart my calling people a cunt, but on a much lower level. Under the radar.

Anyway that’s my pointless rant, thanks if you read it especially if you can relate to my issue.                                          Have a good one mighty Altfeed users <3


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Written by MarkWilde

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As you’ve suggested, it has nothing to do with Twitter’s rules. The rules are just a smokescreen. The problem is woke Twitter employees are given the power of censorship, and they use that power in the expected way: they censor ideas, people and comments they disagree with, then use the rules as fig leaf to cover up their blatant censorship.


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