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What can I post on AltFeed?

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Whereas many of our posts might be socio-political in nature at the moment (and that is going to change in terms of adding more) AltFeed has no editorial stance on content. If you want to blog about your life, about fiction, about facts, about movies, about hobbies, AltFeed is simply a platform for you to do that and hang out with other bloggers and writers. We even have the facility in place for you to work with others. Think of Altfeed as a place to go to listen, watch, read, and use as a creative platform for your own endeavours. It’s all very new right now and we’re barely finding our feet but we have a lot of exciting ideas for the future if we do gain traction including:

  • The ability for authors to monetise their content.
  • Crowdfunding capability
  • The ability to launch your own websites off AltFeed including domain mapping (so it simply looks like

There is so much we can do going forward and we will do everything we can to include our members in decision making should they wish. Sign up, invite your friends, write some blogs and we’ll keep developing the platform to work for you.



What do you think?

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I really wish you all well.

Ger Short

This great news but please don’t sell out. Regarding funds, I am a whistle blower from the Business community and have had my fortune stolen but I expect this to be largely recovered in the next few months therefore I can assure you of a substantial donation to keep you going.

I am not bluffing you and there are others I will help. The more we fight back the better. Best regards, Ger. PS I am joining.

Hayden Hewitt

Hi Ger, donation or no it’s cool that you’re on board. Promises are just words but I have plans in how we can deal with the platform and the pressures that will follow. With Altfeed I’m beholden to none, if we are ever forced to bend the knee I’ll simply take it all down.

Freedom of Speech? YOU NAZI!

The Institute for Justice (