Women and their shoes.

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Women love shoes, some women are mad for shoes. I wonder what is the appeal? You could be watching a courtroom drama, for instance say with a female lawyer as the lead role. At some point in at least one episode of that show, they are going to cut to a low shot of this lawyer’s legs (maybe she’s wearing trousers, yeah she’s got a full suit on) stomping up some corridor towards the courts, and women will say, “I want those shoes!” Similarily to how I would be if I’m watching a show about death robots perhaps, I’ll want a death robot. I know I’ll never probably own a death robot and there’s nothing wrong that, but, women see shoes and want a pair themselves. Shoes are easily obtainable, you can even order a pair from the comfort of your own home without the awkwardness of finding a matching pair of socks for a start.

After a while, women end up with an extraordinary amount of shoes that will inevitably will be drunkenly tripped over in the dark on the way to nirvana for the night. Women only have 2 legs, I’m pretty sure there’s mental conditioning that has gone on over the years through advertisements towards women that have made them love shoes so much. After 9 years of marriage my wife has quite lot of shoes, not as many as Imelda Marcos has but enough monies worth to fund a 2 week overseas vacation at a destination of my choice. If only she wanted a death robot as much as me, we could of ruled the world.


What do you think?

Written by MarkWilde

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I, too, want a Death Robot. BattleBots continues to rule as one of my favorite all-time television series. Even as I’m typing, I’m hooking my remote control, buttoning up the Discovery Channel on Demand, and Lo and Behold, therein I now gaze upon the BattleBots Episode selections. As I finish this short missive, I’m intending to once again watch the mighty BattleBot named Tombstone, in order that I may see, once again, the spectacular carnage that Tombstone wreaks upon lesser mayhem-wreaking BattleBots. Cheers and Shoes to you, good fellow….Give your good wife leather for her lace…

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Women wear fancy things just to compete with other women. Women just need to whisper, “You want a blow Job?’ to get a man attention. My wife has top of the line designer handbags. There is no reason to own a 2k bag that holds tampons and keys.

Stan Dardlamp

Hi Greg, I’ve got one of those too. We’re not allowed to walk past Desigual.
I also have a friend who is absolutely stunning, she sent me a picture of herself in a wonderful, new red dress, giving me an instant boner. Fuck me, I said, and I asked her if she was on heat. This, she replied is not for men to look at, rather for women to be envious of.
I learned something new that day.

‘Twas the summer of 2020 in Ireland!