Working in the garden.

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With the cold weather subsiding, spring brings renewal and rejuvenation, not only what we observe with our eyes but also to the soul. I’ve begun turning over the soil, adding composted tree leaves twigs and bark. Its a lot of work,  but the vision and anticipation to plant seeds, nurture and grow them on is one of the greatest sense of accomplishment. A merging of the human spirit with earth and the elements.  With all of the man made insanity going on all around us, drawing close to nature is truly healing. Even if you don’t like gardening, just going for a long walk and observing trees, clouds and the landscape can do wonders. Take a break from everything and draw close to nature. It is truly a healing balm. 


What do you think?

Written by John Roarty

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I was out in the countryside recently I totally got lost in the moment I was in a world of my own until a cyclist came past. No thoughts, no stress, just me and nature, it was lovely.

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